Red Kampot Pepper IGP  - Grinder
Red Kampot Pepper IGP  - Grinder
Red Kampot Pepper IGP  - Grinder
Red Kampot Pepper IGP  - Grinder
Red Kampot Pepper IGP  - Grinder
Red Kampot Pepper IGP  - Grinder

Red Kampot Pepper IGP - Grinder

This is where you will buy the best Kampot PGI red pepper online in a refillable grinder. Cambodia offers you the most pepper, red pepper which comes from piper nigrum. It is a pepper with character, fruity notes for an intense culinary journey.

  • Potency of Pepper: 6/10
  • Main notes: Fruity and Floral
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes
  • Origin: Cambodia

If you are wondering where to find the most fragrant pepper in the world, it is Kampot red pepper. A pepper with a rare intensity of great quality and at the best price per kilo. Discover our Kampot red pepper mill and our refillable mill.




Discover the exclusivity of Le Comptoir de Toamasina : Long Red Pepper in Mill , a rare and intense spice that will transform your cooking into an unforgettable sensory adventure.   

It is the second pepper, after Kampot long pepper which can replace Madagascar vanilla. It's part of my list of the best pepper in the world, so much so that the peppercorns are unique to each use.

Red Kampot pepper, like white Kampot pepper, are the final stage of maturation of peppercorns. More information on my blog.

I am Arnaud Sion , I traveled around the world to discover growing methods, how vanilla grows, harvests to take you on my adventure and above all to take you on a journey. 

Savor the exception  with long red peppercorns, selected for their quality and aromatic power. Each turn of the mill releases a bouquet of flavors that surpasses traditional piper longum, promising to captivate your senses and add a touch of exoticism to every dish.

After more than five years of research and collaboration with renowned chefs in Brazil, we are proud to offer you this exceptional pepper. 

Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you a range of 30 peppers to take your taste buds on a journey, because red peppercorns are unique. 


Kampot Red Pepper is renowned for its complex and captivating flavors. Discover the taste characteristics that distinguish it:

  1. Fruity and floral notes: With aromas reminiscent of fruit compote, it offers nuances of morello cherry and candied cherries that delight the senses from the first contact.

  2. Flavors of vanilla and candied citrus fruits: On the palate, it reveals soft and sweet flavors, enhanced with subtle touches of vanilla and citrus fruits, notably orange peel, for an exquisite taste experience. This is why you see in my recipes that I use it to replace vanilla.

  3. Slightly sweet aftertaste: Its complexity of flavors ends with a delicate sweet note, making it an ideal ally for sweet and savory dishes as well as desserts, adding a unique and refined taste dimension.

  4. Delicate spiciness: Although less intense than Kampot Black Pepper, its subtle spiciness brings a refined touch to dishes, providing a balanced and sophisticated culinary experience.


As an expert in the world of peppers, I wanted to offer my customers pepper in 4 different packages. A package for every use, for all budgets and above all for everyone. 

All of our packaging is produced in the EU, we work with packaging that is made in Holland for the bottles. 

Here are the 4 packages of our Madagascar black pepper: 

  • Kampot red pepper in a bottle
  • Kampot red pepper in refillable mill
  • Kampot red pepper in economical sachet
  • Kampot red pepper at the best price per kilo


Kampot Red Pepper is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor, imbued with the Cambodian terroir. Find out how to incorporate it into your cooking to enhance your dishes:

  1. Slow and simmered cooking: The fruity aromas and notes of apple and pear of Kampot Red Pepper are fully revealed when added to simmered dishes, providing an unparalleled depth of flavor.

  2. Perfect accompaniment to meats: Its mild flavor, enhanced with touches of mint and eucalyptus resin, goes wonderfully with robust meats such as pork and poultry, adding an aromatic subtlety to each bite.

  3. A twist in desserts and chocolate: For an original touch, sprinkle freshly ground Kampot Red Pepper over apple or pear compotes, or incorporate it into a chocolate mousse or vanilla ice cream for an explosion of exquisite flavors.

  4. Asian Inspirations: Use it to season traditional Asian dishes, where it will add a spicy and fragrant dimension, elevating each bite to new heights of deliciousness.

For optimal use, you will grind or crush the pepper just before adding it to your preparations. Ideally you can roast it and make unique recipes, because roasting increases the aromatic power of the pepper.

Avoid cooking it directly, as this may make it bitter. Instead, add it at the end of cooking to preserve all its aromatic complexity. Explore the endless possibilities of Kampot Red Pepper and marvel at how it can enhance your favorite recipes.

Here are 8 inspiring recipes that highlight Kampot red pepper, perfect for your grinder:

  1. Beef Carpaccio with Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Thinly slice beef tenderloin.
    • Season with salt, a drizzle of olive oil and a generous amount of freshly ground Kampot red pepper.
    • Serve with an arugula salad and parmesan shavings.
  2. Risotto with Mushrooms and Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Prepare a classic mushroom risotto.
    • At the end of cooking, add a pinch of Kampot red pepper to enhance the flavors.
  3. Roast Chicken with Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Rub a whole chicken with a mixture of butter, crushed garlic and Kampot red pepper.
    • Roast until the skin is crisp and golden.
  4. Salmon Tartare with Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Finely chop fresh salmon.
    • Season with lemon juice, dill, chopped shallot and Kampot red pepper.
  5. Kampot Red Pepper Steak  :

    • Sear a steak of your choice in the pan.
    • Deglaze with cognac and add cream to create a creamy Kampot red pepper sauce.
  6. Mango and Shrimp Salad with Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Mix cooked shrimp with slices of fresh mango.
    • Season with lemon vinaigrette and Kampot red pepper.
  7. Fresh Goat Cheese with Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Crumble fresh goat cheese onto a plate.
    • Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Kampot red pepper.
  8. Dark Chocolate Mousse and Kampot Red Pepper  :

    • Prepare a traditional chocolate mousse.
    • Incorporate a pinch of red Kampot pepper into the preparation for a surprising spicy touch.

You know that you can find all his recipes with this high quality pepper on my blog. You will know everything you need to know about working with this pepper with its powerful aromas.

On my YouTube channel, discover his recipes, I would like to wish you a good trip into the world of spices because it is a journey that the peppers of the Kampot province will take you on. 


To preserve the flavor and aromatic power of Red Pepper, be sure to follow these recommendations:

  • Store it in a cool, dry place: Humidity and heat can alter the quality of pepper by accelerating the loss of its aromas. Choose a dry, cool place to store it.

  • Protect it from light: Light can degrade the aromatic compounds in pepper. It is therefore advisable to store it in an opaque container or in a cupboard away from direct light.

  • Use airtight containers: Airtight jars are ideal because they prevent air and moisture from coming into contact with the pepper, which helps maintain its freshness and flavor.

  • Keep the grains whole: If possible, keep the long peppercorns whole and grind them only when ready to use for maximum flavor.

By following these tips, you will ensure optimal conservation of your Red Pepper and will be able to fully enjoy its exceptional taste in all your culinary preparations.

Native country
Piper Nigrum
IGP Red Kampot Pepper
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Preparation within 24h - Delivery within 48h00
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