Herbal Tea of Araxa
Herbal Tea of Araxa
Herbal Tea of Araxa
Herbal Tea of Araxa
Herbal Tea of Araxa

Herbal Tea of Araxa

Go on a trip to Brazil and come and discover the Araxa Garden herbal tea. This herbal tea comes directly from the Brazilian gingham in Minas Gerais.

Enjoy a delicious infusion, while stimulating yourself and regaining your vitality and energy.

Fruity infusion full of good vitamins to find a tropical moment, the Brazilian sun, during your working day.

  • Power of Herbal Tea: 6/10
  • Main Notes: Fruity notes

Sale of a leaky herbal tea with Brazilian notes. We offer you the best fruity herbal tea to our knowledge at the best price but always of high quality.

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Herbal Tea of Araxa

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This is where you will buy the best herbal tea made from quince, acerola and raspberry. Discover our Jardin D'Araxa herbal tea suitable for travel. This herbal tea is rich in vitamin C, it is a vitamin cocktail for the morning ideal for fighting fatigue. A herbal tea to be enjoyed in winter and summer. A natural source of vitamin and at the best price.

Herbal tea with Acerola, Quince and Raspberry

Herbal tea with Acerola, Quince and Raspberry - Infusion rich in vitamin C

Buy an energizing herbal tea online

Araxa's garden herbal tea is the first herbal tea sold in France that was made in Brazil, in the city of Araxa in Minas Gerais.

Araxa is a famous spa town in Brazil. It is in this country town of Minas Gerais that all of Brazil comes to relax and enjoy the thermal waters.

Abaçai has studied all the infusions that we offer in this station to offer you the most perfect herbal teas, to restore your strength and vitality.

This herbal tea is filled with energy and natural fruits and super foods. It will provide you with an ideal energy cocktail to energize you throughout the day.

A healthy herbal tea filled with sun and energy.

With our Brazilian creators of flavored teas in Brazil, Abaçai reinvents the world of infusions in an original and poetic way that takes you in a dream moment in wonderful gardens.

Abaçai infusions are very beautiful infusions with healthy and very delicious flavors, with complex assemblies of fruits, flowers, aromatic plantates with multiple virtues with natural aromas.

Our Brazilian infusions are shared with family or friends. They have no artificial flavors and no added sugars. When there is sugar it comes from candied fruit.

Description of the Araxa Garden Herbal Tea:

Product: Araxa Garden Herbal Tea

Packaging: Pouch and Box

Packaging: 80g, 100g and 500g

Characteristic: Rediscover all the flavors and scents of Minas Gerais in a herbal tea.

Ingredient: Apple, quince, lemongrass, grape, date (date, rice flour), natural flavor, raspberry, lemon peel, blueberry flowers, acerola from Minas Gerais Brazil Abaçai

How to brew our vitamin C-rich herbal tea

How to brew our vitamin C-rich herbal tea

The Araxa Garden herbal tea with acerola will be tasted with 10g in a liter of water at 80 ° C for 8 to 10 minutes.

Travel in Minas Gerais - Brazil

We invite you to explore Minas Gerais in Brazil. In this video that you can discover by clicking on youtube, you will discover the first capital of Minas Gerais Mariana.

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