Bahia Black Tea (Orange - Chocolate)
Bahia Black Tea (Orange - Chocolate)
Thé Noir de Bahia Orange Chocolat Boite de 100g
Bahia Black Tea (Orange - Chocolate)
Bahia Black Tea (Orange - Chocolate)
Thé Noir de Bahia Orange Chocolat Boite de 100g

Bahia Black Tea (Orange - Chocolate)

Bahia Black Tea, the meeting of Indian and Ceylon black tea with Bahia orange and chocolate. A fragrant black tea with a unique flavor, a parenthesis of sweetness for a moment of exhilaration.

Power of scented black tea: 8/10

  • Main notes: A delicious blend of Bahia orange and chocolate
  • To savor: In the morning and after the lunch

Comptoir de Toamasina offers you to buy Bahia black tea, a mixture of Bahia orange and chocolate. Bahia orange and the other name for orange in Brazil. Indeed, in Brazil, you find carioca and bahia oranges. Treat yourself to a high quality tea at the best price suitable for escape.

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Bahia Black Tea (Orange - Chocolate)

We offer you a discovery, a moment of escape with our black tea flavored with orange and chocolate that will immerse you in the notes of the state of Bahia. Large producer of chocolate and sweet orange.

It is a real journey in flavors that you can find during a trip to Bahia.

This creation was imagined in Bahia after a visit to plantations. Arnaud, spice researcher invites you to discover a tea that is a real treat. A warm and sweet fragrant tea. An extraordinary wedding to taste with Chiclete com banana

Black tea flavored with orange and chocolate

At Comptoir de Toamasina we are not just a Comptoir de Toamasina, but we offer you an experience.

Enjoy your orange and chocolate black tea while listening to Chiclete Banana and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. A warm atmosphere with notes of cocoa and sweet orange called Bahia orange in Brazil.

Did you know that Bahia is a producer of cocoa and vanilla pods.

Black tea flavored with chocolate and orange

Black tea flavored with chocolate and orange

Bahia, its beaches, its nature, its orange trees and its cocoa plantation.

Bahia Black Tea is a discovery of the flavors of this magnificent state. It is a meeting of a black tea from India and Ceylon with the sweetness of Bahian orange and the bitterness of Baiano chocolate.

You have a beautiful marriage with the Bahian sweetness and bitterness of the baiano.

A tea full of flavor. A parenthesis of sweetness for a moment of elation.

To be enjoyed in the morning or in the afternoon.

Product Description

Product: Bahia Orange Chocolate Black Tea

Packaging: Bag or Box

Packaging: 80g or 100g

Characteristic: Ceylon and Indian black tea, cocoa nibs, cocoa pods, chocolate pieces, orange peels, natural flavor, essential oil, orange wedges, marigold flowers

Flavor: A black tea with the flavor of orange and cocoa. A magical encounter.

Infusion: 12g per liter for 3 to 5 minutes at 90 ° C

Our Brazilian Flavors and Spices

Salvador de Bahia - Brésil

Bahia a land of spices, peppers and vanilla

The state of Bahia is certainly, the most authentic state of Brazil, a state with an impressive nature, a wonderful climate and above all magnificent beaches.

It is certainly in Bahia that you will discover the real Brazil. An authentic Brazil with a culture that is very strong.

You will discover behind the beaches of the cocoa coast, cocoa, vanilla and pepper plantations.

Traveling to Bahia is an invitation to discovery and escape. the state of Bahia with Minas Gerais are the two states which keep its own culture and which you will not find in any other Brazilian state.

Click on youtube and go to Bahia with the Comptoir de Toamasina.

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