Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill
Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill
Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill
Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill
Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill
Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill

Maniguette - Seed of Paradise - Mill

Open the gates of Paradise with the Maniguette. The maniguette is not a pepper but a spice that will thrill your taste buds. It is also called the pepper of Guinea see the pepper of the Paradise. It is an incredible seed with a note of ginger, pepper and cardamom. We love it, in its pepper mill.

  • Bay Power: 9/10
  • Scent: Fruity, tangy with a touch of citrus and ginger
  • Use: Beef, Fish and Salad
  • Origin: Guinea

Buy the Seed of Paradise from a refillable pepper mill. And discover the Kororima differently with the recipes and tutorial on our youtube channel. Le Comptoir de Toamasina, the French specialist in peppercorns and vanilla pods.




At Comptoir de Toamasina , you are in the essential shop for lovers of spices and authentic flavors. Founded by Arnaud Sion , our online store reflects a passion for quality spices and a relentless quest for the best products around the world.

Today, we are proud to present to you an exceptional product: the Maniguette refillable pepper mill .

Maniguette , also known as “Guinea pepper” or “kororima”, we remind you that an order from 1945 prohibits the name Maniguette pepper, only piper nigrum can have this name. Here we use it for presentation, why we can't use it. 

This rare and precious spice which evokes the mysteries and riches of Africa.

Its unique taste, both spicy and slightly lemony , makes it a false pepper sought after by connoisseurs.

At Comptoir de Toamasina , we offer you the opportunity to acquire this culinary treasure in a refillable pepper mill, thus guaranteeing incomparable freshness and intensity of flavor .

Our commitment to excellence pushes us to rigorously select our spices.

The Maniguette that we offer comes directly from the best African lands, where it is cultivated using traditional methods that respect the environment and local know-how. By choosing our refillable pepper mill filled with Maniguette , you are purchasing an authentic taste experience and impeccable quality.

At Comptoir de Toamasina , we understand that each grain of spice carries with it a history, a culture, and a tradition. This is why we strive to offer you not only a product, but also a sensory journey through the flavors of the world . The Maniguette refillable pepper mill is an invitation to explore, experiment and rediscover your kitchen with a touch of exoticism and refinement.

We are determined to make excellence accessible to all. This is why we offer you the Maniguette at the best price , without ever compromising quality. Our online store is designed to provide you with an easy, secure and enjoyable shopping experience . With Comptoir de Toamasina , you are guaranteed attentive customer service and fast delivery so you can enjoy your purchase without waiting.

Arnaud Sion and the entire Comptoir de Toamasina team thank you for your trust and are at your disposal to advise you and support you in your discovery of the spices of the world. Make your kitchen a place of creativity and pleasure with our Rechargeable Pepper Mill Handle . It is with pride that we invite you to join our community of gourmets and share our passion for exceptional spices.


Maniguette Kororima , often nicknamed the "pepper of paradise", is an African spice that dazzles the taste buds with an unparalleled explosion of flavors . This wonder is notable for its striking spiciness , reminiscent of black pepper, but stands out for its unique tangy notes . Fans describe it as a complex marriage of citrus, lemon and cardamom , providing a captivating taste experience.

In the kitchen, Maniguette Kororima reveals a fruity balsamic fragrance of exquisite freshness , enhanced with subtle citrus aromas and a touch of aniseed incense . From the first taste, it awakens the senses with a biting vivacity , then gives way to a delicate minty flavor , evoking the freshness of pine sap , subtly reminiscent of cardamom. This unique combination of flavors gives it its prestigious title of “ pepper of paradise ”. Because this berry will be a wonderful replacement for peppercorns. 

This versatile spice is perfect for enhancing beef, fish and salads , adding an aromatic dimension and gentle heat to every dish. Its use in cooking promises a real sensory journey , inviting you to explore exotic and sophisticated flavors . La Maniguette Kororima therefore represents an ideal choice for those in search of an authentic culinary experience, wishing to enrich their palate with the grocer's treasures of Africa and extraordinary flavors.

Discover in video the presentation of this maniguette seed.


Looking for exceptional spices and an authentic culinary experience? Le Comptoir de Toamasina is your preferred destination. Founded by Arnaud Sion, a fervent enthusiast of flavors from around the world, this counter has firmly established itself as an essential reference for lovers of exotic spices and rare peppers.

What sets Comptoir de Toamasina apart?

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By choosing Comptoir de Toamasina, you are not just buying spices; you embark on a taste adventure, discover stories and cultures, while supporting a company that promotes quality and authenticity. For your next culinary experiences, trust Comptoir de Toamasina and let yourself be enchanted by the flavors of the world.


Maniguette, also known as seed of paradise or Guinea pepper, is a multifaceted African spice, capable of enriching your dishes with its unique flavors. Here are some tips to integrate it harmoniously into your kitchen:

  • In marinades : Maniguette is excellent for marinating meats and fish, giving a spicy and slightly lemony flavor that enhances the taste of food.
  • In sauces: Add it to your sauces to give them an exotic touch. It pairs particularly well with tomato sauces or creamy sauces, adding an extra dimension of flavor. It does not color so it can replace the white peppercorn.
  • For simmered dishes: It lends itself perfectly to tagines, curries or stews, slowly releasing its aromas during cooking to delicately imbue dishes with its characteristic flavor.
  • In soups: A pinch of Maniguette can transform a simple soup into a dish rich in flavor, adding a subtle, fragrant note to each spoonful.
  • With vegetables: Sprinkle it over roasted vegetables or incorporate it into vinaigrettes for a spicy salad, adding a touch of spice and liveliness to your vegetarian dishes.
  • For drinks: It contributes to the refreshing flavor and lingering aroma of pastis de Provence, adding a subtle aromatic complexity to this traditional drink.
  • As a condiment: Use it as you would pepper, adding it at the end of cooking to preserve its spicy aroma and thus delicately enhance the taste of your dishes.

I would like to share with you my 8 recipes which go from starter to dessert:

  1. Quinoa and Avocado Salad with Maniguette : Mix cooked quinoa with diced avocado, pomegranate seeds, chopped shallots and mint leaves. Season with a vinaigrette made from olive oil, lemon juice and grated maniguette seeds.

  2. Salmon Tartare with Maniguette : Mix diced fresh salmon with chopped red onion, capers, fresh coriander and crushed maniguette seeds. Season with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.

  3. Chicken with Maniguette Sauce : Brown pieces of chicken in a pan with olive oil. Add chopped garlic, chicken stock, orange juice, orange zest and maniguette seeds. Simmer until the chicken is cooked and the sauce is reduced.

  4. Mushroom and Maniguette Risotto : Make a creamy risotto by browning Arborio rice in butter with onions and garlic. Add sliced ​​mushrooms, hot vegetable stock and maniguette seeds. Cook until the liquid is absorbed.
  5. Vanilla and Maniguette Panna Cotta : Make a classic panna cotta by heating cream, sugar and vanilla. Add softened gelatin leaves, then pour into molds and refrigerate. Serve with a red fruit syrup flavored with maniguette.
  6. Pear and Maniguette Tartlets : Garnish the pre-cooked tartlet bases with slices of fresh pears. Sprinkle with sugar and maniguette seeds, then bake until the dough is golden and crispy.
  7. Maniguette Mojito : In a glass, crush fresh mint with cane sugar and lime wedges. Add ice cubes, white rum and maniguette seeds. Top up with sparkling water and stir.

  1. Citrus Maniguette Martini : In a shaker filled with ice, mix gin, fresh grapefruit juice, lemon juice, agave syrup and a few maniguette seeds. Shake vigorously, then strain into a martini glass and enjoy.


To preserve the optimal quality of Maniguette, a few simple precautions should be taken:

  • Protection against humidity: It is imperative to store the handle in a dry place, protected from all humidity. Humidity can alter its flavor and encourage the formation of mold, thus affecting its quality. An airtight container is recommended to avoid contact with humidity in the air.
  • Keep away from light and heat: The handle should be kept away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. These conditions can lead to degradation of the essential oils that give the spice its unique aroma. So opt for a cool, dark place, such as a cupboard or kitchen drawer.
  • Using an airtight container: To ensure the best freshness and flavor of maniguette, store it in an airtight container, such as a glass jar or food-grade plastic container. Make sure the container seals tightly to avoid exposure to air, which could alter its flavor over time.

Now that you have mastered the rules for storing maniguette, discover its uses by subscribing to our blog. You will find recipes highlighting this spice with shellfish, particularly tasty in winter. This is why you will now find it on all market stalls.

Native country
West Africa
Aframomum melegueta
Maniguette seed
Preparation / Delivery
Preparation within 24h - Delivery within 48h00
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