Tahitian Vanilla Bean  - Tahiti

Tahitian Vanilla Bean - Tahiti

Le Comptoir de Toamasina gives you the possibility to touch excellence with the premium Tahitian vanilla bean Tahiti. This vanilla from Tahiti is unique and incredible. It offers a beautiful and well shaped bean. It’s fleshy, supple and soft. When it touches your palette, our tahitian vanilla bean Raiata. The flavour is rich, unctuous and floral with tones of ripe fruit.

  • Main notes: anise and prunes which gives way to a taste of floral vanilla.
  • Aromatic: The star of pastry. A vanilla pod with an intense fragrance of gourmet vanilla, the most intense of vanilla
  • Quality: Gourmet - Extra
  •  Grand Cru

Discover an exceptional vanilla, the best vanilla in the world. Buy the best high quality vanilla pods at the best price per kilo.



Tahitian Vanilla Bean Raiatea 

Vanilla Tahiti Premium Gourmet

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Raiatea buy

Award winning: our Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea - Tahiti, silver medal at the household  French agricultural show founded and organized by the French ministries of agriculture.

Good to know :  the flavor of the Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea is so powerful that you only need 1/ 3 of a bean to achieve the same flavor of the one whole Madagascar vanilla bean

you only need the equivalent of 1/3 of the quantity of the Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea - Tahiti to get the same flavor than a madagascar vanilla bean in your preparation.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina gives you the possibility to touch excellence with the premium Tahitian vanilla bean Raiata -Tahiti. This vanilla from Tahiti is unique and incredible. It offers a beautiful and well shaped bean. It’s fleshy, supple and soft. When it touches your palette, our tahitian vanilla bean Raiata- Tahiti has a plum and anise taste. The flavour is rich, unctuous and floral with tones of ripe fruit.

What is the premium Tahitian vanilla bean Raiata - Tahiti?

Discover the Tahitian vanilla bean Raiata - Tahiti

The tahitian vanilla bean Raiata - Tahiti is a luxury. This is the most expensive vanilla bean of all the vanilla in the world. It is a huge vanilla bean about twice the size of other vanilla beans and the amount of seeds per bean far exceeds the ones from Madagascar. To take care of this national treasure, we need Tahitian growers’ expertise from the Raiata Island to handle the crop and a special Raiata preparator to accomplish the final steps in production. This vanilla bean has amazing characteristics when compared to the regular vanilla planifolia species or AOC Bourbon.

The Tahitian vanilla bean exudes a nice flowery perfume close to natural aroma of plum and anise.

To harvest this dazzling vanilla bean, the Tahitian vanilla bean is cured directly on the vine. It’s a specific technique used in Tahiti area and it is not performed by anybody else in the world.

The result of growing in an optimal environment and climate allows us to get a perfect vanilla beam from Tahiti. Ideal to use in cold preparations like whipped creams, flans, fruit salads and fruit soups

Tahitian vanilla bean from Raiata - Tahiti, in a package, in a bottle or in a box

Vanilla bean Raiata from Tahiti -  Tahitian vanilla bean Raiata 


Our premium Tahitian vanilla beans are small wonders in haute cuisine and for pastry cooks. They offer a juicy and sugary flavour that lingers in the palette with floral notes. An indescribable feeling.

This Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea - Tahiti is very aromatic and oily. It releases a plum and anise aroma. The flavour is rich, unctuous and floral with tones of ripe fruit.

Taste the difference, buy excellency thanks to  Comptoir de Toamasina

Product : Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti

Name : Premium

Type : Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti Premium

Quality : Gourmet-Premium

Size : 5,1 to 5,5 inches

Weight : 0,14 to 0,24 oz

Origin : Tahiti Raiatea

Features : High quality product. Vanilla bean is very oily, fatty and shiny with exiting perfume. The flavour is rich, unctuous and floral. It gives off a plum and anise aroma. Our vanilla bean from Tahiti is very strong and the taste lingers for a long time in your mouth.

How to preserve your Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti ?

To preserve your Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti keep it in a secure container, either bagged, boxed or in a bottle. Le Comptoir de Toamasina recomends storing them in a dry and cool place, away from the light and protected from temperature variations.

Buy Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti

Buy Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti

Buy online Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti

Buy online Tahitian vanilla bean Raiatea – Tahiti in California, buy vanilla Tahiti USA

It is a great classic of vanilla which comes from a vintage of excellence, from know-how that is ancestral.

Vanilla Tahiti is definitely the vanilla bean that favorite chefs and pastry lovers.

It is not a vanilla with intense and deep notes of vanilla, like the vanilla planifolia from Madagascar called vanilla bourbon from Madagascar.

But it is a vanilla which is surprising with its sweet and floral notes.

It will offer your pastries an impressive aromatic palette. Anise and prune notes which give way to notes of vanilla floral.

It is a vanilla pod found in all the recipes of the best tables in the world and we discuss the dish made with this prodigious vanilla with a vintage wine or a Grand Cru from the Bordeaux region.

Did you know: The vanilla base of Tahitian vanilla is called vanilla Tahitensis and its method of harvesting and preparation is atypical, very different from other vanilla in the world. You want to know more about the traditional method of preparation in Tahiti visit our blog.

Tahitian Vanilla - the know-how of Tahitian producers

Vanilla producer in Tahiti - A difficult job to produce a vanilla of excellence

Tahiti Vanilla Category Grand Cru Gourmet

In the world of vanilla producers, it is certainly the vanilla producers of Tahiti who can have the right to the Gold Medal.

The work done on this vanilla pod is simply impressive. Each new harvest of vanilla from Tahiti is pure happiness. A vanilla always as tasty.

Arnaud visits many vanilla plantations. But Tahitian vanilla is only. By its preparation method which is not that of scalding, but the vanilla will start to dry on the foot.

Even in Brazil, we have not experienced this method of preparation.

Vanilla Tahiti a great pastry classic

Good to know: You need 1/3 of vanilla from Tahiti Raiatea to find the taste of a vanilla pod from Madagascar in your preparations.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to touch excellence with high-quality Tahitian Raiatea vanilla. This Tahitian vanilla is unique, it offers a beautiful vanilla pod, very fleshy, supple, mellow and which gives way at first to a scent of prunes and anise to continue on a very rich aromatic bouquet with fruity, suave notes that will continue on the palate with floral notes. The vintage of Tahitensis vanilla is constant from year to year.

You are about to buy the Top of the Range Vanilla. The best vanilla in the world.

What is high quality vanilla from Tahiti?

Discover Tahitian vanilla

Tahitian Vanilla - Tahitensis variety

Tahitian vanilla is a very large Tahitian vanilla, a gold vanilla, an excellent vanilla. It takes all the know-how of the Tahitian planters of the Vanilla Islands and the preparers to make a luxury vanilla. This vanilla pod is extraordinary first of all for its Tahitian base different from the plain planifolia or AOC Bourbon base. It offers an aniseed aroma and naturally prunes. This vanilla is first dried on the stem, a method completely unlike most vanilla in the world.

Tahitian vanilla with its exceptional climate offers an ideal pod for cold preparations such as fresh creams, custards, fruit salads and fruit soups.

Tahitian vanilla in case, bottle and doypack

Our Tahitian Vanilla pods are a marvel for gourmet restaurateurs and pastry chefs. They all offer a delicately fruity and suave bouquet that will continue with floral notes. A surge of extreme flavor.

This vanilla pod from Tahiti is very aromatic and very oily. It will release a note of anise and prune with a base note of very floral vanilla. Its scent will be very long in the mouth.

Taste the difference, buy excellence at Comptoir de Toamasina


Product Description

Products: Tahitian Vanilla

Type of Vanilla: Vanilla Tahiti

Quality: Gourmet - Extra

Size: 16 to 20cm

Pod weight: between 7g and 15g

Origin: Tahiti

Characteristic: Product of exceptional quality. Very oily and oily vanilla pod, a beautiful wrinkled robe, very shiny with an intoxicating scent. With an aroma of prunes and anise which gives way to a very rich aromatic bouquet with fruity, very sweet and floral notes that persist on the palate. Vanilla with a very long finish.

Conservation of the vanilla pod of Tahiti

To keep the vanilla pod of Tahiti in a sachet, box or bottle in the best conditions, Comptoir de Toamasina recommends that you store the extract protected from light and any temperature shock. So as with the great wines of the Bordeaux region, we advise you to keep it in your wine cellar.

Tahitian Vanilla Grand Cru Quality
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