Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia
Long Red Pepper Cambodia

Long Red Pepper Cambodia

Cambodian red long pepper is a rare pepper with a rich and complex flavor. It is the most expensive long pepper in the world. It is a pepper that will offer you notes of Bahia cocoa and tonka bean.

  • Pepper Power: 8/10
  • Main notes: Cocoa from Bahia and tonka beans very long in the mouth
  • Use: Ideal for all salty and sweet dishes
  • Origin: Cambodia

It is harvested when the pepper is fully ripe, ie a bright red like an infusion of Rooibos. Buy long red pepper from Cambodia at the best price per kilo at Comptoir de Toamasina. The specialist in exceptional peppers. Certainly the best gourmet pepper to have in your kitchen.

Cambodia, a land of excellent peppers.




Discover an exceptional world at Comptoir de Toamasina , with our long red pepper from Cambodia , a rare and captivating spice offered at the best price per kilo .

Dive with us into the mysteries of long pepper, affectionately nicknamed “ kitten pepper ”, from Piper retrofactum , a close relative of Piper longum . Its slender grains, delicately intertwined, captivate with their singularity.

This culinary gem seduces the most demanding palates with its rich aromatic profile and warm aromas. A symphony of flavors is offered to you, subtly mixing nuances of gingerbread, cloves, Bahian cocoa, liquorice tonka and a bouquet of four spices.

Long red pepper reveals a captivating duality, awakening the senses with its aromas of musk and chili pepper, perfectly balanced by the sweetness of Amazonian cocoa, for an unforgettable taste experience.

We are also proud to also offer you long Java pepper, the noble cousin of the Cambodian long red pepper.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are pepper enthusiasts and experts.

We meticulously select Cambodian pepper, reflecting the very essence of Cambodia, its lush and wild nature.

Cambodian long red pepper, also known as “daï plaï” in Khmer, is a rare and precious spice, cultivated in the province of Takeo, at the foot of Mount Bokor for certain plantations and in the Region and in Cambodia. Harvested at full maturity when the catkins turn a bright red, it offers exceptional aromas of bitter cocoa and tonka bean, ideal for enhancing sweet and savory dishes such as honey chicken or cocoa desserts.

In the kitchen, this organic long red pepper offers an incomparable sensory journey. It reveals an intense warmth on the palate, accompanied by a musky aroma, softened by notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Freshly ground, it enhances salads, strong meats and brings an unexpected touch to desserts.

For lovers of exotic flavors, our Cambodian long red pepper is available online from €5.37, offering unique originality and depth to your culinary creations.


Cambodian Long Red Pepper is an exceptional product offered by my company Le Comptoir de Toamasina , famous for its rich and complex flavor. Here are the details of its price depending on the packaging:   

  • 30g bottle  : The price is €5.37 including tax . 
  • Per kilo  : For a 450g bag , the cost is €46.51 including tax .  
  • In a grinder  : A rechargeable grinder is recommended for this type of pepper, as it can easily damage a conventional grinder. 

It is important to note that long red pepper should not be ground in a conventional pepper mill due to its particular texture. For optimal use, it is recommended to use a grinder suitable for this type of pepper.


Piper retrofactum , commonly known as long pepper , is a tropical plant that requires meticulous attention and sophisticated growing techniques to thrive. Originally from Java in Indonesia, this flourishing vine flourishes in hot and humid tropical climates, typical of equatorial regions of which the province of Kampot is a part.   

Growing long pepper is the same as growing pepper, such as making black pepper, red or white pepper for example.

To grow long pepper successfully, it is essential to maintain rich, well-drained soil. The plant prefers partial shade, avoiding direct sunlight which could burn its delicate leaves. Experienced growers often use support structures, such as trellises or live trees, to allow the vine to climb naturally, which is essential for its development.

Propagation is generally done by cuttings, an effective method which ensures the conservation of the characteristics of the mother plant. The cuttings are carefully taken and planted in a fertile substrate, where they quickly develop new roots.

Irrigation must be managed precisely, as excess water can lead to root rot, while a lack of moisture can stress the plant. Kampot growers, for example, have perfected the art of irrigation, alternating periods of wet and dry to mimic the natural growing conditions of long pepper.

Harvesting Kampot long red pepper is a meticulous process that is done by hand. The ripe ears, recognizable by their reddish color, are picked one by one. This selective harvesting method ensures that only the ripest and most aromatic fruits are chosen, thus preserving the premium quality for which Kampot pepper is renowned.


Long Red Pepper, a treasure among spices, is recognized as the most precious in the world. Its aromas take you on an unforgettable sensory journey. Each grain reveals a carnival of flavors : complex notes of four spices , dried tomato , blond tobacco , saffron and clove . Let yourself be surprised by a spicy freshness followed by an enveloping warmth, oscillating between floral scents of rose and licorice , ending with fresh and vegetal accents.           

This seductive pepper, rich in taste, offers a rare intensity, comparable to Oud wood in the world of perfumes. Kampot long pepper is unique and you will use it from starter to dessert. 


I suggest you discover the best uses and especially how to properly use long red pepper: 

  • Preparation of Long Red Pepper:  Discover the aromatic richness of long red pepper by grating or crushing it. This simple method releases its intense and complex aromas. For those who prefer a milder approach, using whole pepper is an alternative that allows for a gradual and refined diffusion of flavors. To increase its aromatic power, you can roast it. 
  • Cooking with Long Red Pepper:  Long red pepper is distinguished by its exceptional resistance to cooking, unlike cubeb pepper. Add it to your dishes at the beginning, middle or end of cooking to enrich your sauces and stews. Its ability to infuse its aromas makes it a great ally for tasty dishes.
  • Culinary Associations with Long Red Pepper:  This pepper is a real asset in sauces, stews and marinades. With just a few berries, it delicately flavors your dishes. Perfect for enhancing the taste of meats, whether white or red, lamb, duck, game or fish, long red pepper also enhances cold meats. Its pairing with desserts, particularly those with chocolate or fruit, is undeniable.
  • Emblematic Recipe with Long Red Pepper: A chocolate mousse garnished with long red pepper is a dessert that will surprise your guests. It is ideal to use with strawberries. Let yourself be inspired by this unique spice to create original and daring recipes.


I wanted to offer you 8 simple and easy to make recipes. On my blog, you will discover the red wine and long red pepper sauce and recipes to take your taste buds on a journey with strawberries including:

  1. Tagliatelle with salmon and long red Kampot pepper:  A tasty and quick dish to prepare, combining fresh tagliatelle, salmon, a touch of red curry, coconut milk and Thai basil leaves, all enhanced by the captivating fragrance long red Kampot pepper.
  2. Traditional Cambodian Tuk Meric Sauce: An emblematic sauce of Cambodian cuisine, traditionally prepared with Kampot black pepper. However, for a different and refined taste experience, do not hesitate to substitute long red pepper for a unique and surprising touch.
  3. Homemade pepper syrup: A deliciously spicy syrup, made from Kampot pepper, ideal for adding a distinctive note to your desserts or cocktails, while highlighting the subtlety of long red pepper.
  4. Oriental lentil soup: A comforting and warm soup, enhanced with long red Kampot pepper for a touch of exoticism and character, adding an incomparable dimension of flavor to this traditional dish.
  5. Beef Carpaccio with Kampot Red Pepper: Thin slices of beef fillet enhanced by a long red pepper vinaigrette, offering freshness and spice in each bite, a gastronomic experience that is both refined and daring.
  6. Risotto with Mushrooms and Red Kampot Pepper: A creamy and smooth risotto, enriched with tasty mushrooms and flavored by the subtle intensity of long red Kampot pepper, for an explosion of flavors in the mouth.
  7. Pineapple jam with Kampot red pepper: An exotic and spicy jam, combining the sweetness of pineapple with the aromatic heat of Kampot red pepper, a perfect combination to awaken the taste buds and enhance your gourmet breaks.
  8. Vegetarian ceviche with grapefruit supremes:  A refreshing vegetarian version of ceviche, enhanced by Asian herbs and enhanced by a hint of long red Kampot pepper, for an explosion of balanced and exquisite flavors.


To ensure good conservation of your long red Kampot pepper, discover my 3 tips:

Storage tips  :

  • Away from light and humidity  : Store long red pepper in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight to preserve its aromas. Because UV rays will damage the peppercorns.
  • In airtight containers  : Use airtight containers to protect the pepper from air and moisture, which can alter its flavor. Ideally glass or PET with an anti-UV filter.
  • Avoid temperature variations  : Sudden changes in temperature can affect the quality of pepper, so as with vanilla, avoid storing it near heat sources such as the oven or stove. Ideally in a cupboard. 


Long pepper, often little known, is an exceptionally rich spice worth discovering. Unlike classic varieties such as black, white or green pepper, from the Piper nigrum plant, long pepper comes from distinct species such as Piper longum or Piper retrofractum. This botanical distinction gives long pepper unique characteristics worth exploring.

Traditional long pepper, harvested before ripening and dried naturally in the sun, comes in the form of small spikes measuring between 2 and 3 cm long. Its flavor, milder than that of black pepper, reveals remarkable complexity with woody and earthy nuances, sometimes enhanced with a subtle sweet note.

In contrast, long red Kampot pepper, a special variety harvested when fully ripe, sports a distinctive red color. This advanced maturity allows the pepper to develop a rich aromatic bouquet, revealing aromas of cocoa, honey and tonka bean. Less spicy than black pepper, Kampot long red pepper offers an exceptional taste experience, characterized by a gentle and enveloping heat.

In cooking, Kampot long red pepper reveals all its versatility. It can be used whole for infusion in sauces or syrups, or ground to gently enhance your dishes. It pairs perfectly with red meats, stews and even certain desserts, adding an incomparable depth of flavor to your culinary creations.

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