Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
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Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers
Box of 7 World Peppers

Box of 7 World Peppers

Discover the fascinating world of peppers with the Box of 7 Peppers from around the world - Intense & Economical Flavors from Comptoir de Toamasina.

Each pepper, carefully selected, promises a unique taste adventure and a discovery of flavors that will leave an impression on your palate. This box is not only an economical choice, but also an ideal gift for spice lovers, without worrying about the price displayed during the offer.

Shop our complete collection of exotic peppers  in an economical and convenient format:

  • Muntok White Pepper: 250g 
  • Black Pepper from Madagascar  : 250g 
  • Tellicherry Black Pepper  : 250g
  • Wild Madagascar Pepper  : 150g 
  • Timut Nepal berry  : 120g (to be replaced by  green Sichuan berry  until 10/15/2024) for an explosion of lemony flavors.
  • Long pepper  : 200g of these elongated grains
  • Sichuan Red Berry  : 150g of this spicy and fragrant berry

Purchase the most beautiful box of economical peppers for your restaurant or kitchen.

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Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, invites you to buy online the box of 7 peppers from around the world, intense and economical flavors. You will discover the best box for your restaurant or your kitchen at the best value for money.

Let yourself be transported by the intense and authentic flavors of the  7 World Peppers Box .

Each grain of pepper selected in this box is a promise of culinary escape, an opportunity to rediscover your dishes with exceptional spicy notes. It's not just an assortment of peppers; it is a carefully crafted collection for taste connoisseurs and adventurers.

With the  Box of 7 Peppers from around the World , you have access to a palette of flavors that cross continents and cultures, offering a new discovery with each bite. From the fruity sweetness of  Tellicherry Black Pepper  to the lemony freshness of  Timut Bay , each pepper tells a story, that of its land of origin and its traditions.

This economical box is an invitation to explore the rich heritage of peppers without leaving your kitchen. This is the perfect opportunity to enrich your table with new taste nuances and to share with your loved ones the pleasure of cuisine with character.

Don't wait any longer, treat yourself to the Box of 7 Peppers from around the World - Intense & Economical Flavors  and let every meal become an adventure.  Buy it now  and spice up your daily life with distinction and originality!


The Surprise Box of 7 peppers from around the world from Comptoir de Toamasina is much more than a simple assortment of peppers. It is an invitation to a sensory journey through the exotic flavors and captivating aromas of these precious spices. Here's what you'll find in this exceptional box:  

  1. Muntok White Pepper (250g)  : This Indonesian pepper is a must for refined cuisines. Its pure white grains bring a subtle warmth and a woody note to your dishes. It is a pepper with a nice civet flavor.

  2. Madagascar Black Pepper (250g)  : Originally from the Big Island, this black pepper is renowned for its robust flavor and balanced spiciness. It goes perfectly with meats, fish and vegetables. This is Comptoir de Toamasina's best seller.

  3. Tellicherry Black Pepper (250g)  : Grown in the Tellicherry region of India, this black pepper is hand selected for its exceptional size and quality. Its fruity taste and length in the mouth make it a top choice.

  4. Wild Madagascar Pepper (150g)  : This rare pepper is picked wild in the forests of Madagascar. Its intense aroma and hint of heat will pleasantly surprise you.

  5. Timut Berry Nepal (120g)  : Until 10/15/2024, this lemon-scented berry is replaced by green Sichuan berry . It brings a unique freshness to your dishes and goes well with seafood. 

  6. Long pepper (200g)  : These elongated grains reveal spicy, woody and slightly sweet notes. Ideal for marinades and stews.

  7. Sichuan Red Berry (150g)  : Originally from China, this pepper is famous for its peppery and lemony taste. It adds an Asian touch to your recipes.

By choosing the  Surprise-you Box , you are doing much more than buying spices. You offer a unique culinary experience, a taste adventure that will awaken your senses and enrich your palate. Order now and discover the peppers of the world!


Here we invite you to discover our guide to the elegant gift box of 7 peppers from around the world, this box of peppers is unique. 
Here is the guide to its use: 

Muntok White Pepper (250g)

  • Use:  Ideal for light sauces and fish dishes.
  • Tip:  Add it just before serving to preserve its delicate flavor. Muntok white pepper, with its subtle sweetness and light aroma, pairs perfectly with the delicate flavors of white sauces and fish.

Black Pepper from Madagascar (250g)

  • Use:  Perfect for steaks and stews.
  • Tip:  Incorporate it at the start of cooking so that its rich aroma permeates the dish. Madagascar black pepper is known for its intense and spicy taste, ideal for enhancing the robust flavors of meats and simmered dishes.

Tellicherry Black Pepper (250g)

  • Use:  Excellent for grilled meats and marinades.
  • Tip:  Use it to enhance the fruity flavor of meats. This premium black pepper, sourced from Tellicherry, offers a complex, fruity flavor, perfect for enriching grilled meats and marinades.

Wild Madagascar Pepper (150g)

  • Use:  Sprinkle on roasted vegetables or add to spice blends.
  • Tip:  Brings unexpected intensity to dishes. Wild Madagascar pepper, with its powerful, slightly resinous notes, adds surprising depth to roasted vegetables and homemade spice blends.

Timut Berry Nepal (120g)

  • Use:  Ideal for Asian dishes and fruity desserts.
  • Tip:  Use it to add a lemony touch. The Timut berry from Nepal stands out for its lemony and slightly grapefruit aroma, perfect for bringing an exotic freshness to Asian dishes and desserts.

Long Pepper (200g)

  • Use:  Exceptional in curries and stews.
  • Tip:  Releases spicy and slightly sweet aromas. Long pepper is known for its complex flavor, both spicy and sweet, which wonderfully enriches curries and stews, giving them a unique aromatic depth.

Sichuan pepper (150g)

  • Use:  Adds a spicy dimension to Chinese dishes, used in stir-fries.
  • Tip:  Known for its peppery, lemony taste. Sichuan pepper is not only spicy, it also offers a numbing sensation and a distinct lemony flavor, perfect for stir-fries and other Chinese dishes requiring a tangy, aromatic kick.


Our culinary expert, true explorer of flavors, Arnaud Sion, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, presents the Box of World Peppers, an exclusive selection which reflects our incessant quest for excellence and diversity. Each pepper, carefully chosen, tells a story, that of its land of origin, rich in traditions and know-how.

Discover on our YouTube channel how these characterful grains transform each dish into an unforgettable sensory experience.

With our Pepper Box, every meal becomes a celebration of authenticity. These peppers are not simple condiments, but messengers of world cultures, bringing with them the secrets of local cuisines.

By choosing our Box, you invite into your kitchen a palette of unrivaled flavors, the promise of a culinary transformation through the magic of rare and exquisite peppers.

Embark on a journey of the senses, choose the excellence of our World Pepper Box.

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