Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins
Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins

Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins

Discover our box of vanilla pods. 3 origins of vanilla with intense and captivating flavors.

  • 50g of Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar Gourmet quality
  • 50g of Gourmet quality Papua New Guinea Vanilla
  • 50g of Vanilla from Tahiti Raiatea Gourmet quality

Make tasty recipes with its character vanilla pods.

Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina selects for you the best vanilla pods from the best plantations and collectors. Our lot includes the most beautiful vanilla pods at the best price.

Sale of high quality vanilla pod, vanilla pods with intense flavors.

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Box vanilla pods - 50g - 3 Origins

Box of 50g of Vanilla Boubon from Madagascar, 50g of Vanilla from Tahiti and 50g of Vanilla from Papua

Sale of bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar, Tahiti and Papua in a box of 3 origins. The best of the harvest. Best vanilla in the world.

Discover the Comptoir de Toamasina vanilla cellar. In our box of vanilla pods from around the world you will find the work of Arnaud, the creator of the Comptoir, in a selection of vanilla pod with a symphony of rare and intense flavors.

Since 2010, Arnaud has been selecting the best vanilla pods for plantations in the world for you.

In our vanilla pod box you will buy:

  • 50g Madagascar bourbon vanilla
  • 50g Tahitian vanilla
  • 50g vanilla from Papua New Guinea

Nowadays buying quality vanilla is more and more difficult, Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you to buy a lot of vanilla from 3 origins selected by the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina.

Did you know that Comptoir de Toamasina is experimenting with the cultivation of vanilla in Brazil in Minas Gerais.

Vanilla beans

Since 2010, the Comptoir de Toamasina has been selecting the best natural vanilla from the plantations.

Today we specialize in the purchase and sale of rare vanilla such as Cerrado vanilla, Bahia vanilla.

We are trying to grow vanilla in Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina selects the best producers from its annual trips to producers of vanilla and spices.

We are establishing partnerships with producer-collectors and do not stop there because we produce Brazilian spices and flavors in a plantation in Minas Gerais in the testing phase.

Our Comptoir de la Vanille offers a range of vanilla pods on the nose and a unique aromatic palette. For a symphony of flavors and a culinary journey.

Our principle in the purchase of vanilla pods - Vanilla pods by Arnaud

Producer of vanilla beans bourbon gold luxury

We only buy vanilla pods with a long ripening and impeccable quality.

Our vanilla pod has unique notes. And it is recognized worldwide. We are the leader in the sale of vanilla pod to individuals in Brazil.

Each year, Arnaud Sion, selects the best vanilla pods. We cannot go to all of our partners every year so we receive samples.

The vanilla pod of Madagascar from Comptoir de Toamasina has a chocolate note which will continue with an intense vanilla aroma. Vanilla from Tahiti is a high-end pod, you could say that it could win the Vanilla Gold medal. Hence a nickname of Vanille Gold Luxe, it is notes of prunes and anise that will continue with an extreme length in the mouth with floral notes.

For a very floral papua vanilla pod.

Our counter selects each of the vanilla pods with an intense and exceptional aromatic range.

In this batch of vanilla pods, you will discover a selection of vanilla pods with a powerful aromatic intensity, intense with wild notes that will vibrate your creative cuisine.

Superb vanilla notes and exotic scents for an intense culinary journey conducive to dreaming.

Buy the best vanilla pod

Producer of the best pods

When you want to buy a vanilla pod, you want the best vanilla pod.

Our vanilla pod will surprise you with its intensity and bewitching flavor.

Each year, the Comptoir de Toamasina imports and selects the most beautiful vanilla pods from Madagascar with warm, cocoa notes and deep vanilla taste.

Did you know like the Grand Crus, the bourbon vanilla pods have a geographical name? It is called the AOC Bourbon.

Arnaud Sion, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, was trained by a Madagascan vanilla producer.

We only buy vanilla pods with excellent ripening.

Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar - Refining in a Wooden Trunk

He is the star of pastry making, the little princess of chefs, pastry chefs and ice cream makers. All over the world the vanilla pod of Madagascar is dreaming and enchanting.

Today, we suggest you buy a vanilla that will take you on a dream, that of a summer night or just every season.

Our vanilla pod is an invitation to travel and culinary escape.

Nothing can and will replace the Madagascar vanilla pod.

It is the scent of our childhood and the favorite of the French.

Then this vanilla pod, both fine and long in the mouth, will have intense notes of vanilla and with notes of cocoa.

It is the traditional vanilla pod that everyone tears off.

She is the little creator princess of Comptoir de Toamasina and our pastry chefs.

Vanilla from Papua New Guinea - The rising star

Vanilla from Papua New Guinea - The rising star

When you immerse yourself in vanilla, you first discover Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, then Tahiti and out of curiosity Papua New Guinea.

This Papua New Guinea vanilla is a Tahitensis vanilla pod the same variety as that of Tahiti.

The refining of the Papua Tahitensis will be like that of the AOC Bourbon planifolia in Madagascar, but there is one, but it is not scalded. The Vanilla Producer will leave it on the foot longer.

This vanilla pod, which remains a confidential production, has sweet and floral notes.

It is a very interesting vanilla pod for salty and sweet cooking.

It offers incredible floral notes.

The vanilla pod from Papua New Guinea has been produced for around 20 years by Papuan communities and producers. (Start of production before the 2000s).

Today the biggest challenge for the vanilla pod of Papua is to develop the production of this rare and intense vanilla.

Our vanilla pod from Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea was worked with love and had a long ripening to develop its notes.

Make an explosion of flavors in your kitchen and your recipes with this vanilla pod.

Tahitensis vanilla with intense and spicy notes

It is a vanilla that deserves to be discovered. The pod of Papua New Guinea is not very well known on the world market.

Production remains confidential.

This vanilla pod begins its adventure on the Isle of Manus and the producers will develop it very slowly.

They take up the tradition of producers of vanilla pods from Tahiti.

Nowadays, this essential vanilla pod is found in the Sepik region.

The vanilla pod of Papua allows the development of this island.

We try to work as much as possible with producers in this region and build partnerships. Production remains confidential so it is quite difficult to work with a single producer or even live.

Our vanilla pod from Papua is a premium pod a vanilla from Papua Pastry!

Papua Vanilla Cuisine

Papua Vanilla Cuisine

This vanilla is very rich in flavor. Its aroma is intense with delicious and very floral notes on the palate.

It is really a superb pod, rare you can say that it is the vanilla caviar.

This vanilla pod is a discovery, so do not hesitate to adopt it.

Vanille de Tahiti by Arnaud Sion, Cru Bora Bora, Tahaa et Raiatea

Le Comptoir de Toamasina selects the best producers and preparers of Tahitian vanilla pod.

We have been an expert since 2010 in the selection of the best vanilla pods.

We only buy pods which are Gourmet equivalent to Grand Cru in wine.

The vanilla pod from Tahiti is a large vanilla, very wide with a length of more than 16cm and very wide.

The Tahitian pod will immerse you in a flavor of prune and anise first then a very floral note and long finish.

You should know that the preparation of Tahitian vanilla is only reserved for holders of preparers' certificates which is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, unlike Madagascar.

Preparing Tahitian vanilla requires a great deal of experience. Graduates are always followed by elders who teach them ancestral methods. It is 9 months after fertilization that the fruit, the vanilla, will reach its final size. A yellow-brown color.

After the 9 months, the cultivators will harvest and practice browning, then cleaning, a sun bath, sorting and finally refining.

Conservation of your batch of vanilla pods from 3 origins, Madagascar, Tahiti and Papua

Conservation of your batch of vanilla pods from 3 origins, Madagascar, Tahiti and Papua

Our vanilla pods arrive in a zip bag specially designed for her. The bag protects from light is UV and greasy air at the zip.

But beware, I advise you to keep it in a cupboard to avoid any sudden change in temperature.

vanilla importer in sao diego

Arnaud Vanilla and spice researcher

The creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, offers his route of spices and vanilla from around the world.

Discover the best plantations by clicking on youtube and discover our vanilla route

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