Guarana White Powder 500g
buy guarana
Guarana White Powder 500g
Guarana White Powder 500g
Guarana White Powder 500g
buy guarana
Guarana White Powder 500g
Guarana White Powder 500g

Guarana White Powder 500g

Guarana is a superb bay that comes straight from the Amazon. We are the first importer in France and in Europe who masters the entire process from harvest to packaging. White Guarana Powder is a powerful energizer, which will allow you to last a whole day without fatigue and much more.

  • Power of the spice: 10/10
  • Bag: 500g
  • Main notes: Earthy characteristic of guarana
  • Use: Dilute a teaspoon in your set of orange
  • Active ingredient: High guaranine content (Natural caffeine)
  • Native: Brazil, Amazonas, Bahia, Para

You are going to buy the best quality guarana powder at the best price per kilo and everything you need to know before buying the best guarana, a superfood.

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Guarana White Powder 500g

This is where you will buy the best guarana powder from Brazil, Paullinia cupana. We have specially selected for you directly from the best plantations in Brazil.

Buy a 100% natural guarana. Guarana is ideal for finding energy to start your day off right.

Did you know that the guarana seed is more powerful than the coffee bean.

Do not hesitate to discover our acai powder and acerola vitamin C.

What is guarana seed - Paullinia cupana

Everything you need to know before buying guarana

What is guarana, you often ask yourself this question.

You should know that guarana is a seed that comes from the Amazon and more specifically from the Brazilian Amazon.

It is in the state of Pará that you will find the most plantations in the Amazon.

Note that the entire production of guarana in Brazil is reasoned culture (not to say organic, because organic is more a brand today than a label).

Abaçai by Le Comptoir de Toamasina is our Brazilian brand. We have our own specifications and our own tests to guarantee the best quality of guarana.

The acai of our superfoods, freeze-dried Açai in Powder, Acerola in Powder and our guarana are 100% pure and undergo a control by a Brazilian pharmacist, in accordance with Brazilian regulations.

Abaçai super foods are of very high quality and come from the most direct circuit.

Paullinia Cupana Kunth or Guarana Powder

The seeds of the paullinia cupana kunth are harvested by hand.

Guarana powder owes its popularity to its high concentration of caffeine and more precisely guaranine.

What is guaranine?

Guaranine is a natural substance equivalent to caffeine but which is going to be 4 to 7 times more powerful and without the disadvantages of excitability.

You should know that it is the plant that contains the highest level of caffeine in the world.

Did you know that the Indians of the Amazon take guarana when they go hunting to fight hunger and keep an agile mind.


Guarana Powder

Guarana powder is used in a traditional way against fatigue, drowsiness and improves brain actions as well as alertness.

Abaçai 100% natural guarana powder offers a slightly earthy and harsh flavor.

The guarana fruit

The fruit of the shrub is red in color but when they ripen it will split in half and reveal an eye.

Guarana in the history of the Tupi-guarani Indians

The paullinia cupana grows mainly wild in the state of Mato-Grosso, Bahia, Amazonas and Para.

It is in the municipality of Maués that the history of guarana with the Sateré-Mawé Indians comes. But it is very difficult to find in Brazil the guarana of sateré-mawé.


In Brazil it is a seed that will be very popular. Especially with Guarana soda that this bay is becoming more democratic.

The little story of Guarana

Guarana has been used by Indians since ancient times. It is believed to have been known since 2000 BC. Jesus Christ.

The Tupi-Guarani will use guarana first.


Guarana seeds were used especially during times of famine or when the Indians went hunting, in order to keep the mind sharp and clear but above all to support hunger.

Guarana has an appetite suppressant effect.

The guarana powder is roasted and then ground.

But the Amazon Indians like to roll it up to make sticks.

Then the guarana sticks will be dried in the sun.

In Indian cuisine we use guarana in fish.


Indians love guarana


Why Indians love guarana is that they know the pain relieving, diuretic and aphrodisiac effects of the berry.

Indians attribute sacred virtues to guarana. Especially in traditional medicine.


Discovery of guarana by Portuguese settlers


Europeans discover guarana thanks to Bartolomeu Dias.

We find a written record with the missionary Felipe Bettendorf which dates from 1664, he will write about the guarana and the guarani: "He gives so much strength that they can go hunting for two consecutive days without feeling hungry, he also treats fever and headaches. "


But it was a German doctor, Doctor Christian-François Paullini, who really discovered guarana and gave it its name Paullinia cupana.


In the 19th century guarana seeds began to become popular.

We will consume it as a drink as a physical and intellectual stimulant.

Product Description:

Product: White Guarana powder from Pará in Brazil

Packaging in resealable bag: 500g

Guarana percentage: 100%

Feature: Powerful energizer, increases metabolism and appetite suppressant effect

Provenance: Brazil from the State of Pará, Amazonas é Bahia

How to use guarana powder?

The guarana powder is used simply by mixing it in your orange juice, a drink, a yogurt or a smoothie.

For everyday use, you need 1 or 2 teaspoons of white guarana powder..

Use of white guarana powder in drinks

White guarana powder can be added to milkshakes, fruit juices, syrups, smoothies, cocktails.

It is also the basic ingredient of "Fuel of Life" a vodka based on guarana.

Guarana in food

White guarana powder can also be combined in food.

In particular the mousses, fondants, soft and creams.

But don't hesitate to include it in your jams, pies, fruit salads and crumbles.

In food: you can potentially put it everywhere, because its taste, even if it is quite harsh, is not very pronounced.

The benefits of guarana for your health?

The good parts of the benefits of white guarana powder on health and due to its incredible content of guaranine (caffeine in very high concentration).

But the guarana powder also contains theophylline and theobromine.

Guarana powder increases the alertness of our central nervous system. This increases our focus and attention. But it lowers fatigue, drowsiness, falling asleep. It is a natural existing.

Like caffeine, it will stimulate the physical and the intellectual.

It is a superfood and not a guarana spice. It is ideal when you are going to do strenuous activity.

White guarana powder has diuretic properties and also stimulates the heart.

Do not forget that guarana has an appetite suppressant effect.

Abarai Powder Guarana by Le Comptoir de Toamasina

Wholesaler in Guarana Powder - Sale of guarana at the best price

We have our own specifications, particularly on the qualitative aspects.

Buy an original powdered guarana from our Brazilian subsidiary Abaçai.


Abaçai is the Brazilian subsidiary of Comptoir de Toamasina. We are the first super food grocery store to have a branch in Brazil.

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