Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per...
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per...
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per...
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per...
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per...

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans per kilo

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Buy bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar per kilo, gourmet-extra * quality, black , 14 to 16cm.

Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pods are bright , fleshy, mellow , shiny , black , fragrant and not split . This is the top of the vanilla pod of Madagascar.

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla in its economical format offers hints of chocolate and caramel.

Vanilla from Madagascar

Vanilla from Madagascar per Kilo

Madagascar vanilla specialist

Arnaud Sion Specialist vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti and Brazil

Comptoir de Toamasina is the furnisher of the best natural vanilla since 2010.

Thanks to its creator Arnaud Sion, who founded Comptoir de Toamasina , we are a family business specialized in gourmet quality natural vanilla . We only select the best vanilla pods, this rare and gourmet spice.

We take care and the greatest care in the purchase of our pods to provide you with an intense and tasty culinary journey .

Our vanilla specialist counter offers you a vanilla pod with flavors from yesteryear, the ancestral tradition of Malagasy producers for a 100% natural vanilla pod for an incredible sensory journey .

Comptoir de Toamasina is also a furnisher of vanilla extract from Madagascar and Tahitensis.

Like Bartolomeu Dias, we go in search of flavors of excellence like our acai powder or our black pepper from Madagascar .

A company that specializes in natural vanilla pods

100% natural vanilla specialist Madagascar, Tahiti, Brazil

The Comptoir de Toamasina takes off with the departure of Arnaud Sion in Brazil, where he sells to great brazilian chefs .

The quality of our vanilla pods in Brazil is well established. In France, we start the adventure of e-commerce in April 2016 with the arrival of our new e-commerce site and the launch in January 2017 of our culinary news and recipes blog.
In our quest for quality and excellence we are proud to offer our vanilla pod worldwide and our newest vanilla bean from Brazil .

We are located in the Lille metropolis, the lungs of Europe and Nord Pas de Calais.

The Comptoir de Toamasina is the new reference in 100% natural vanilla with an eco-responsible value . We want you to be our guest and a player in our development.

Buy and Sell Vanilla from Madagascar per Kilo at the best price

At the Comptoir de Toamasina you will buy much more than just a vanilla bean from Madagascar. You will buy the best vanilla pod.

All vanilla beans from Madagascar are bright , supple , fleshy , shiny , fragrant , black , soft and especially not split . We propose excellence in Malagasy vanilla pod.

Discover the flavors of Comptoir de Toamasina and its vanilla from Madagascar.

Buy our vanilla pod from Madagascar and you will be transported to the big island with its extraordinary flavors .

Working with vanilla growers in Madagascar

A report on Arnaud Sion, the creator of the Comptoir de Toamasina

Vanilla at the best price per kilo - vanilla counter

Product Description

Product: Vanilla pods from Madagascar quality gourmet-extra *

Vanilla Type: Black Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Quality : Gourmet / Extra

Size: 14 to 17cm

Characteristic: Soft vanilla pods, black, fleshy, shiny, fragrant, mellow and not split .

Packing: In sachet

Provenance: Madagascar

Other packaging available:  2 pods, 5pods , 20 pods , 100 pods

Recipe with Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Pancake with vanilla bean from Madagascar

Make a delicious recipe with Madagascar vanilla bean by the kilo. Discover incredible flavors , recipes that will make you travel , your customers, your friends and your guests. The Comptoir de Toamasina offers you more than just a vanilla pod, but also recipes .

Important points about the price of the vanilla bean

Traveling in the country of Madagascar vanilla bean

The price of Vanilla per kilo - Industrial consumers first Vanilla pod

Wholesaler vanilla bean gold bourbon excellence at the best price per kilo
The vanilla market is a specialist market . Arnaud Sion, founder of the Comptoir de Toamasina, is the French-Brazilian specialist in vanilla beans . Living for 3 years in Brazil, he develops a sector of the vanilla bean from the Cerrado.

To understand the vanilla pod market, you have to analyze a lot of parameters first.

First of all, we must know that the agri-food industry is the first consumer of vanilla beans. Vanilla is the first flavor used in the world . She is far ahead of coffee and cocoa .

We will find it everywhere, in the manufacture of ice cream, yogurts and desserts . (Did you know that if there is vanilla , it must have a real vanilla pod ).

It is also often found in the form of exhausted vanilla powder or simply vanilla extract or natural vanilla flavor .

The first two users of vanilla pod are UNILEVER and Coca-Cola . We will say that large groups do not seek gourmet quality but industrial.

It should be known that UNILEVER seeks to control the production of vanilla to no longer depend on hazards .

To buy a good vanilla pod of Madagascar per kilo, requires a considerable time. When you buy a vanilla bean and you make a dish with it, you can not go back to the vanilla bean synthesis.

Climate Change that will affect the price of vanilla

Price per kilo of vanilla

Vanilla harvests are also subject to increasing weather hazards.

A cyclone can ravage vanilla plantations in a few hours in northeastern Madagascar. Lately he has had very violent cyclones. As in Brazil, climate change leads to dry seasons without rain and hot and a season of heavy rains.

In Brazil, for example, coffee suffers and in some years coffee trees produce less. But why a relationship between coffee and vanilla. It's very simple after a cyclone, the following year the vanilla orchid will produce less as a hibernation. The coffee tree is a bit the same during the dry season if the sun burns too much, it will kill its branches. The next crop will produce less but the coffee beans will be bigger if the climate is normal.

Indonesia, New Guinea, India or Madagascar are facing more and more cyclones, storms in the rainy and dry seasons, and this is a joy for production.

New Vanilla Consumer Countries: China, USA and Japan

Vanilla pod to sublimate your talents

To restore a truth to an article on the web, Brazil does not speculate prices vanilla pod. Because it's almost impossible to import it. The import rules in Brazil are very rigid.

China is taking love for the little princess of Madagascar, like Japan and Californians.

Vanilla consumption worldwide is exploding. Especially because the aroma is feminine, haunting and intense. Ideal for pastries with chocolate, chocolate to soften cocoa.

It's hard to resist a delicious ice cream with real Madagascar vanilla bean or a vanilla pod dessert .

Vanilla is very easy to use in the kitchen and does wonders to the palate .
The vanilla spice matches very well with sweet dishes as in salty preparations such as vanilla chicken and the famous vanilla scallion .

At the Comptoir de Toamasina , we take with concern the price increase and we wish to have an eco - responsible trade policy and a fair p rix policy . That's why you have to trust Comptoir de Toamasina and its vanilla .

Buy a Gold Vanilla at the Toamasina Counter, A Gold Vanilla Pod

Or Buy some vanilla pastry

Purchase 1 kilo of Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar at the best price at Kilo in France

Purchase 1 kilo of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar at the best price per kilo

Comptoir de Toamasina offers you to buy a vanilla bean from the most direct eco-responsible sector.

Our vanilla pod is a sharing, a culinary journey that will make you travel with our recipes.

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