NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry
NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry

NATURAL FLAVOR Coffee - Pastry

Natural Coffee Flavor or Coffee Aromatic Extract  is made with the finest coffees produced in India. The coffee is roasted with the utmost care, in order to give a gourmet coffee extract with the characteristic flavor of a high-end coffee.

The natural aromatic extract of Coffee, 100% natural, is  used in the preparation of pastries, ice creams and yoghurts. 

  • Main notes:  Characteristic of arabica coffee with a slight note of cocoa
  • Aromatic:  The warm and intense flavor of coffee with a long note on the palate
  • Use: Beverage and savory and sweet recipes

Buy the best selection of the best baking liquid coffee extract. Realize with the coffee extract from our Comptoir, recipes with coffee extract at home and at the best price. 

5 2024
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Natural Aroma of Pastry Coffee


Natural coffee flavor for use in baking . On our online store specializing in natural food flavors , you will buy the best coffee extract to make your dessert creams, ice creams, mousses for your creative cuisine. At the end you will discover our recipe for homemade coffee extract if you want to do it yourself or if you no longer have coffee extract from Comptoir de Toamasina . 

The natural coffee flavor is a basic ingredient for many pastries and drinks .

It brings a delicious and refreshing flavor to any recipe. Depending on the type of coffee used, it will have different coffee notes. A Rubio coffee and an Amarelho bourbon coffee which are both Arabica will have different notes. 

If you're a coffee lover or an aspiring pastry chef, you probably already know the importance of choosing the right ingredients for optimal results. You already know the quality of vanilla from Madagascar and our vanilla pods from around the world, so you will love our coffee extract . 

In this article, we'll introduce you to baking coffee extract and explain why it can be a smart choice for your next culinary creations.

Baking Coffee Extract is a natural coffee concentrate that has been extracted from Colombian Arabica coffee beans for our coffee extract.

This concentrate is then diluted with water to obtain a solution based on natural coffee aromas.

It is often used to add coffee flavor to baking recipes such as cakes, cookies, ice cream and drinks. Baking coffee extract is also often used to flavor sauces and marinades for meats and vegetables.

The advantage of using a baking coffee extract rather than actual coffee is that you can control the amount of coffee you use in your recipes. And it will be of the same composition and flavors with each purchase, but the grain may be different from year to year.

This means you can adjust the flavor to your personal preference and avoid using too much coffee, which can make your baking or drink bitter. Plus, using a baking coffee extract helps minimize variations in taste from recipe to recipe, because you're always using the same amount of natural coffee flavor.

When you buy baking coffee extract.

Do not hesitate to discover our rose water , liquid vanilla extract and our tonka bean . 

Arnaud trains every year in the world of coffee in Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Arôme café pâtisserie pour les meilleurs pâtissiers

The creator of the Comptoir de Toamasina, offers you to buy on his online store Madagascar pepperandvanilla from Madagascar around the worldsince 2010 for amateurs who want to buy the bestvanilla pods . 

Today we offer you to buy a baking liquid coffee extract. 

It will have the characteristic notes of Arabica coffee. 

We have found in France, the best value for money in the world of coffee. 

Each use of our coffee extract is a culinary journey through creative new cuisine.


Our coffee extract  is made with the best coffees in the world, it is said to be Colombian coffee. The coffee is  roasted  with the greatest  rigor,  in order to give a gourmet coffee extract.

Coffee from Colombia is one of the best coffees in the world for a major coffee producing country. Its coffee is better according to coffee enthusiasts than the Catuai coffee of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo.

Find all the  power and richness  of  100% Arabica coffee  in a  coffee extract or natural coffee flavor with intense and full-bodied notes .

Depending on the batch, you can find chocolate notes specific to certain varieties of coffee in Colombia.

We import a coffee from Minas the Café de la Fazenda café Cambraia  which produces an amarelho bourbon coffee with hints of lemon. 


Coffee extract is a popular ingredient used in baking to add intense flavor and richness to cake, cream, icing and other desserts. It is that it is one of the favorite flavors of the French with vanilla.

The aroma or coffee extract is a simple way to add the aromatic power of the coffee bean in an extract to your sweet recipes and flavor them with a touch of complex and intense flavor.

Here's how to use coffee extract in baking to make amazing dishes. 

First of all, it is important to choose a quality arabica coffee extract.

Next, it's important to understand the proper measurement for each recipe.

The coffee extract is very concentrated and it is necessary to put little in a recipe at the risk of distorting it.

In general, a tablespoon of coffee extract is enough to flavor a recipe for cake or cream for a 400ml cake .

However, this may vary depending on the strength of the coffee extract and the flavor desired for your recipe.

So it's important to taste the recipe as you add the coffee extract to make sure the flavor is to your liking.

Coffee extract can be added to cake batter, cream or final icing.

It can also be used to flavor sauces for desserts, ice creams and drinks.

To add flavor to ice cream, you can simply mix a tablespoon of coffee extract into the cream before icing.

For an even more intense kick of flavor, you can also boil coffee extract with sugar to create a syrup that you can use for dipping cake or frosting.

When using coffee extract in baking, it is important to ensure that the flavor is balanced with the rest of the ingredients.

For example, if you're using a chocolate-based frosting, you might not want to add a lot of coffee extract as it will mask the chocolate flavor.

So it's easy to use, here's how to use coffee extract in baking:
  1. Choosing coffee extract made with Arabica: It is important to choose a good quality coffee extract to get the best flavor. Extracts with Robusta are less flavorful than coffee extracts with Arabica. It is best to use a coffee extract made from Arabica coffee beans. Like buying an everyday Arabica coffee
  2. Understanding the Proper Coffee Extract Dosage: Coffee extract is highly concentrated, so a small amount is enough to flavor your recipe. In general, a tablespoon of coffee extract is enough to flavor a recipe for cake or cream for a 400ml cake. It's important to taste the recipe as you add the extract to make sure the flavor is to your liking.
  3. Add the extract to batter, cream or frosting: You can add the coffee extract to cake batter, cream or frosting for a subtle flavor. It can also be used to flavor sauces for desserts, ice creams and drinks. For an even more intense kick of flavor, you can boil coffee extract with sugar to create a syrup that you can use for dipping cake or icing.
  4. Balancing Flavor with Other Ingredients: It's important to make sure the flavor of the coffee extract is in harmony with the other ingredients in your recipe. For example, if you're using chocolate frosting, you don't want to add a lot of coffee extract as it will mask the chocolate flavor. Likewise, if you're using fresh fruit in your dessert, you may not want to add too much coffee extract so as not to detract from the natural flavor of the fruit.

Using coffee extract in baking is an easy way to add a kick of caffeine and flavor to your desserts. It is important to choose a good quality extract, to understand the dosage so that your recipe is perfect.


Retaining coffee food flavor is important if you want to maintain the freshness and flavor of your favorite coffee extract. Caffeine and other components of coffee can quickly lose their flavor and intensity, especially if the coffee is not stored properly. The recommendations are valid for vanilla, coffee extract, pepper and coffee. Here are some tips for storing your coffee beans at home:

  • Buy fresh coffee beans: It is important to buy fresh coffee beans to ensure the quality and flavor of your coffee. Roasted coffee beans have a limited shelf life, so it's best to buy them in small quantities for quick use. Coffee beans that have been roasted recently have a more intense flavor and higher caffeine content than beans that have been roasted for a long time. Always check when your coffee was roasted. 
  • Store coffee in an airtight container: It is important to store coffee in an airtight container to prevent air, light, and moisture from altering its flavor. A glass or stainless steel container is an ideal choice for storing coffee. Make sure the lid is tightly closed to prevent air and light from getting inside. Here, you must do the same for your coffee extract that you bought at Comptoir de Toamasina, always keep the coffee extract in its jar and closed after each use.
  • Keep coffee away from light and heat: Light and heat can affect the flavor and quality of the coffee. It is therefore important to keep it in a dark and cool place, such as a closet or wardrobe. Avoid storing it next to the stove or in direct sunlight, as the heat can break down the components of the coffee. You must use the same technique to keep your Comptoir de Toamasina coffee extract optimally. 
  • Store coffee separately from other ingredients: It is important not to store coffee next to other ingredients that can influence its flavor, such as spices, herbs, dried fruits, nuts and dairy products. The odors and flavors of these ingredients can transfer to the coffee and alter its flavor. Same advice for coffee extract closed the bottle and you can put it in a cupboard away from other spices. 
  • Use coffee quickly after opening it: If you open a package of coffee, it is important to use it quickly to prevent its flavor from altering. Coffee is at its best when used within 3-4 months of the roast date. Beyond this period, the flavor and quality of the coffee may begin to decline. We recommend the same for our coffee extract. 

By following these tips, you will simply store your pastry coffee extract from Comptoir de Toamasina, the French specialist in the world of pastry, in the best possible way. 

Où Acheter de l'extrait de café pour moka

Nous vous proposons de faire l'achat de l'extrait de café pour réaliser des recettes créatives et savoureuses. 

Vous allez pouvoir réaliser une délicieuse recette de moka. Un gâteau qu'on adore et qui nous plonge dans un nuage de douceur. 

Sur notre blog découvrez des recettes incroyables et terriblement savoureuses avec notre extrait de café. 


The natural pastry coffee flavor is a go-to ingredient for pastry chefs around the world. This delicious and powerful fragrance brings a touch of unique and intense flavor to many pastries and desserts . In the culinary world, Chef Arnaud of Apogée Bar du Brasil is considered one of the masters of the use of natural flavoring in pastry coffee.

Chef Arnaud began his culinary career in Brazil, where he discovered the importance of natural coffee flavoring in desserts and pastries. Because Minas Gerais is the leading producer of Arabica coffee in Brazil.

Inspired by local ingredients and the culinary culture of this state, he began to explore new recipes using the natural flavor of baking coffee. The results were amazing, and he quickly earned a reputation for his delicious and original coffee creations in Brazil.

One of the first desserts created by Chef Arnaud was a moist coffee and coconut cake with a touch of acai . This cake was made with fresh coffee and coconut milk, which added a delicate, sweet flavor. But for the recipe to be more magical he will add acai. The natural baking coffee flavor was used to enhance the flavor of the coffee and add a hint of caffeine for a more intense taste.

Another dessert created by chef Arnaud was a cherry and coffee cheesecake. This cheesecake was made with a Maria cookie dough with cherries and coconut with cream cheese. Here, the coffee extract was in the cookie dough. This dessert quickly gained popularity, as it combined sweet and creamy flavors with the delicate aroma of coffee.

He also created a frozen coffee dessert, which was a big hit. This frozen dessert was made with coconut milk, vanilla whipped cream and natural pastry coffee flavor. This frozen dessert was delicious and refreshing, with a hint of coffee flavor for a truly unique dining experience.

Finally, Chef Arnaud has created a very popular dessert, a coffee fondant. This dessert was made with a soft base of dark chocolate and pecans with a touch of coffee extract and tonka bean to make it unique. Her recipes will be on our blog.


Le Comptoir de Toamasina is a supplier for pastry and catering professionals looking to add a touch of coffee to their culinary creations. We offer a variety of coffee flavors and extracts ranging from small 50ml sizes to liter bottles, to meet the needs of every professional.

If you want to buy coffee extract by the litre, you can do it at the Comptoir de Toamasina.

Our range of coffee extracts is made in France from Arabica coffee beans, grown in the best coffee producing regions as coffee lovers like to say, it's Colombia.

This coffee extract has the characteristic notes of Colombian coffee. 

We understand that quality is a key factor for professionals, which is why we ensure that all our products make your guests' taste buds travel.


If you are a coffee lover and are looking to add a touch of flavor to your homemade pastries and you are out of Comptoir de Toamasina coffee extract, find out how to make homemade coffee extract.

Making your own coffee extract is not only economical, but it also gives you control over the quality and flavor of the end product. And best of all, it's easy to do!

Follow this simple step-by-step recipe to make a magical and flavorful homemade coffee extract. 

Ingredients for 1 bottle of 200ml: 

  • 100 g Arabica instant coffee
  • 80ml water
  • 20g sugar

Preparation :

  • Pour the soluble coffee with the sugar into a container
  • Mix it all up 
  • boil 80ml of water
  • Then add this water to your sugar and soluble coffee mixture and stir until you get the consistency you want.

To make it with real coffee, you will simply make two espressos of 80ml or 2x40ml you will put 30g of sugar and put everything in a pan with a little agar agar a pinch and stop the fire when you have the consistency of the coffee extract you want. 

Incorporate it immediately into the soluble coffee and sugar preparation

Stir to melt the soluble coffee and sugar

Pour the resulting coffee extract into a closed glass jar

Store in the refrigerator

The homemade coffee extract for baking is ready!

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