Chun Mee Green Tea
Chun Mee Green Tea
Chun Mee Green Tea
Chun Mee Green Tea
Chun Mee Green Tea
Chun Mee Green Tea

Chun Mee Green Tea

Discover  chun mee green tea , an  excellent tea with small twisted leaves and a flowery and deliciously refined taste .

Immerse yourself in the world of chun mee green tea , a  slightly harsh tea with a hint of bitterness, grown in China.

Succumb to the charm of chun mee tea, a delicate beverage with floral notes and a sweet aroma.

Chun mee green tea  , also known as "old man's eyebrow" , transports you to the landscapes of Jiangsu province, China.

Discover the benefits and unique flavor of chun mee green tea, a pure delight for tea lovers.

  • Green tea potency:  8/10
  • Main notes: harsh and floral
  • To savor:  Morning and afternoon 

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Chun Mee Green Tea – Buying, Brewing and Uses

Chun Mee green tea , also known as "old man's eyebrow" because of the shape of its curved leaves, is a Chinese tea with beautiful aromatic power . Its subtle and delicate flavor makes it one of the most popular green teas around the world. If you want to buy high quality Chun Mee Green Tea ,

Le Comptoir de Toamasina specializes in exceptional teas and offers an exceptional selection of Chun Mee green tea.
When you buy Chun Mee green tea, you should buy the amount you can drink in 6 months usually. Because the precious eyebrows as we like to call them are very fragile. 

Le Comptoir de Toamasina stands out for its passion for fine teas and its commitment to providing flavors of remarkable quality.

Arnaud carefully selects the Chun Mee tea leaves and ensures that it has a beautiful aromatic power. We take this tea to make the famous mint green tea .

Because it is an excellent tea for flavored preparations. 
By choosing to buy Chun Mee green tea from Comptoir de Toamasina, you are guaranteed to receive green tea packaged with love and on our blog and our product sheet you will receive ideas for using chun mee green tea.

Indeed, Chun Mee green tea is renowned for having small leaves that will make your cup bloom. Because you will discover a tea very different from Sencha green tea

You can simply enjoy it hot or cold, depending on your preference.

It can also be integrated into recipes for pastries, ice creams or even cocktails .

Its subtle flavor combines perfectly with other ingredients and brings a touch of originality to your culinary creations.

If you are looking for an exceptional quality green tea, Chun Mee tea is a perfect choice. Thanks to its many health benefits and delicate flavor, it has become one of the most popular green teas around the world. To buy high quality Chun Mee green tea,

Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the specialist to contact. Their selection of Chun Mee tea is second to none and guarantees you a unique taste experience. 

Chun Mee - What is Chun Mee green tea

Chunmee , also known as " Precious Eyebrow Tea " in English due to the delicate shape of its leaves , is a green tea produced from the unfermented leaves of the Camellia sinensis . These leaves are rolled by hand , creating small leaves of a characteristic light green. Naturally rich in caffeine, it is recommended to consume it in moderation, especially for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

Originating from China, Chunmee is widely considered one of the country's favorite green teas , mainly produced in the provinces of Jiangxi and Anhui . However, it is now grown in other regions, including Vietnam, Indonesia and India . This tea is recognized as one of the most special green teas in the world.

Chunmee is a traditional Chinese green tea with a rich history. It was one of the first green teas to be introduced by the British . Its leaves are meticulously hand-rolled and pan-heated to achieve the classic appearance of Chinese green teas. It's perfect for afternoon sipping and can also be made into iced tea for a refreshing experience.

Discover Chun Mee green tea, Chinese tea with beautiful aromatic power. 

If you want a milder tea, we recommend white tea

Production of Bancha green tea from A to Z - Everything you need to know

Generally, the green tea production chain includes several key stages: harvesting, cooking, rolling, drying, shaping and finally packaging .

The process of making Chunmee green tea follows a similar pattern , although specific differences emerge due to the particular shape of this tea , creating a distinct production method.

Here, Arnaud tells you about the making of green tea that Arnaud saw during a trip to Yunnan and Zhejiang. It is good to know that green tea will have less theine than black tea. 

Once fresh tea leaves are harvested, they undergo a drying process to inhibit fermentation, stopping any enzymatic reactions that could lead to oxidation .

The leaves are then rolled manually and pass through a pan-cooking phase, which gives them a unique shape and flavor. During this process, the tea leaves must be stirred constantly to ensure even drying.

What is Chunmee green tea? Here is a comprehensive overview of this distinctive green tea.

The process of making Chun mee green tea generally follows the following steps:

  1. Harvesting : This crucial step involves choosing the optimal time to pick the young tea shoots. Only the buds and the two upper leaves are harvested to guarantee the quality of the tea. Freshness is essential, and immediate processing of leaves after harvest is essential.

  2. Cooking/Steaming : In this stage, high temperatures are used to prevent fermentation of the tea leaves, thus preserving their natural green color during brewing. This phase impacts the quality of the tea by retaining its essential nutrients, such as vitamins, catechins and tannins.

  3. Rolling : Rolling affects the appearance of the tea. The tea leaves are ground to approximately 30-35% of their original size, thus meeting the standards set for this stage. The use of a modern profiling machine guarantees rolling that meets quality requirements.

  4. Drying/Shaping : After rolling, the tea is sent to a drying machine which reduces its moisture content to around 3-5%. This gives the leaves a crisp texture and enhances the aroma of the tea, contributing to its characteristic taste. The drying process takes place at a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees Celsius, for 30 to 40 minutes.

  5. Sorting : The semi-finished sheets are subjected to a sorting machine to categorize them into different classes. This step is crucial to maintaining quality throughout the process.

  6. Improvement : According to the specific quality standards, each country will adjust the procedures, or even repeat some steps to strengthen the aroma and appearance of the tea before packaging.

  7. Packaging : Tea is usually packaged in PP/PE bags for storage or transportation to our main packaging site. Various types of packaging, such as kraft bags, cartons, aluminum bags, or any other format according to customer requirements, are also used.

You see that to arrive at small twisted leaves he has a fabulous world.

What is chun mee green tea flavor

he world of green tea offers an endless variety of flavors, each resulting from the unique production process . These teas are distinguished by their diverse aromas and taste profiles.

In general, green tea is known for its light, fresh, slightly bitter taste, which sometimes makes it difficult to characterize by scent alone.

To identify and appreciate the different varieties of green tea, it is necessary to pay attention to several elements such as appearance, color, scent and taste.

When it comes to Chunmee green tea, it is a taste bud-pleasing experience, especially for tea lovers.

 This tea is made by a cooking process which gives it a lively, slightly tangy and slightly toasted flavor.

Its perfect balance between initial flavor and aftertaste is one of its distinctive characteristics.

Chunmee, which remains very popular, presents a golden green liquor with a subtle fragrance that delights the senses.

For those who have already tasted Gunpowder, it is interesting to note that Chunmee shares a similar strength and color.

However, Chunmee is distinguished by a more pronounced smoky note and slight astringency. It can be eaten as is, but it also goes well with sweeteners such as sugar, honey or even milk, giving it taste versatility.

The aromatic sweetness of this tea can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but it is generally recommended to brew it with hot water, at a temperature of around 90 degrees Celsius. The tea leaves should steep in the teapot for three to five minutes to allow the flavors and nutrients to release into the water, providing a fully satisfying drinking experience. We are going to give you the tips for green tea, which is very popular in China. 

Chun mee is a unique green tea that will take your taste buds on a journey with its fruity touch. 

Did you know that chun mee is pronounced chun mei. 

How long should I let my chun mee green tea steep, the perfect infusion

Preparing Chunmee green tea, rich in flavors and subtleties, requires a few carefully orchestrated steps. Here's how you can achieve this taste experience optimally:

  1. Essential Tools: Get a teapot with a strainer, a classic cup or infuser, or even a quality tea filter.
  2. Weigh the Leaves: For one cup of water, use about 3 to 4 grams of Chunmee tea. This tea reveals a robust flavor, so start with a more moderate amount and adjust as needed. Excess leaves could produce an overly strong brew.
  3. The Perfect Temperature: Heat fresh spring water and let it cool to around 85°C. It is crucial to respect this temperature to preserve the delicate nuances of green tea. Boiling water could cause unwanted bitterness.
  4. Preheat Your Tea Set: Pour hot water into your teapot or cup, then empty it immediately. This step allows you to preheat your tea set, optimize the infusion, and purify your equipment of any impurities.
  5. Carefully Timed Brewing: Place Chunmee tea leaves in your teapot, tea bag, or infuser. Pour in water heated to the previously mentioned temperature and let it infuse for 1 to 2 minutes. If a lighter brew is desired, start with 1 minute and adjust accordingly. If you are brewing a sturdier cup, a splash of milk can be added for a different experience.

Be careful to keep the hint of bitterness, you must infuse the green tea in an exact time . The water must be simmering, otherwise you will burn the little pieces of leaves and you will destroy the tea. 

Its mild taste, slight hint of bitterness and clear cup is only obtained with precise infusion. 

It is a high quality green tea, a popular tea with a low theine content unlike black tea

Traditional method of infusing chun mee Green Tea

Immerse yourself in the art of tea making with these comprehensive instructions to enjoy a perfect brew every time. Whether you're brewing an individual cup or a whole pot of tea, discover how to fully release the aromas and flavors of your favorite tea. Follow these steps for an unparalleled tasting experience.

FOR A 250 ML CUP :

  1. Measure approximately 3 grams of tea of ​​your choice into the infuser. The choice of tea depends on your preferences, whether it is a refreshing green tea, a robust black tea or a fragrant infusion.

  2. Heat water to around 88°C (before boiling). The water temperature varies depending on the type of tea you are making. This mild temperature is ideal for most green teas and white teas.

  3. Pour 250 ml of hot water over the tea leaves. Be sure to wet all the leaves thoroughly, allowing the infusion to fully unfold.

  4. Let the tea steep for 2 to 3 minutes , depending on your taste preferences. A longer steep can intensify flavors, while a shorter steep can maintain a more delicate flavor.

  5. Once the steeping time has elapsed, remove the infuser to prevent the tea from becoming too strong.

  6. Enjoy your tea, savoring each sip of the delicate aromas and flavors you have just created.


  1. Simply add about 12 grams of tea leaves per 900 ml of water to your infuser. Choose a tea that will delight all guests and fill the teapot with the promise of deliciousness.

  2. Then add the appropriate amount of water heated to around 85°C and let it steep for 2  to 3 minutes . This time allows the tea to blossom and release its flavor potential.

  3. Once the brewing time is up, remove the infuser to stop the brew and prevent the tea from becoming too strong.

  4. Serve your guests a perfectly prepared tea, which will seduce them with its unique flavor and character. Enjoy the moment with a cup of fine tea.

How to store chun mee green tea?

Chunmee Green Tea is a treasure trove of delicate flavors and subtle aromas that deserves to be preserved with care. Here are some essential tips to keep your Chunmee Green Tea fresh and savor every sip:

  1. Choose the right container : Opt for an airtight glass, ceramic or metal container to store your tea. Make sure it is clean and dry before placing the tea leaves in it.

  2. Keep it away from light : Direct sunlight can alter the aromas of the tea. Store your container in a dark place, such as a closet or kitchen cabinet.

  3. Keep the air fresh : Air can be an enemy of tea by absorbing surrounding odors and humidity. Avoid storing your tea in places exposed to strong odors and be sure to close the container tightly after each use.

  4. Maintain a stable temperature : Keep your Chunmee Green Tea at a constant temperature, preferably in a cool place. Temperature variations can affect the quality of the tea.

  5. Avoid humidity : Humidity is the number one enemy of tea. Make sure your container is airtight to prevent moisture from entering.

  6. Consume it promptly : Although Chunmee Green Tea can be stored for a while, it is best to consume it within 6 to 12 months of purchase to enjoy its optimal aromas.

Cuisine, cocktail, punch and rum mixed with a green tea that has no equal to make your inspiration flourish

Cuisine, cocktails, punches and even rum , these culinary areas contain a wealth of creative opportunities just waiting to be explored. And what better way to add a touch of originality to your preparations than with an exceptional green tea? Don’t hesitate to read how to make homemade rum .

 Green tea, with its array of subtle flavors, offers an infinite taste palette to stimulate your culinary imagination.

The Kitchen :

Imagine infusing green tea leaves in a broth to give a new dimension to your soups or to flavor your sauces. Incorporate green tea flavors into your marinades for tender, flavorful meats. Or, use green tea leaves as a secret ingredient in your favorite dishes to surprise and delight your guests. Read how to use tea in cooking .

Cocktails :

Green tea pairs wonderfully with a variety of spirits, bringing an exotic and refreshing touch to your cocktails. Try a Green Tea Mojito for an unexpected twist, or create a signature cocktail using green tea as a base. The possibilities are endless to take your drinks to the next level.

The Punches :

A green tea punch is an ideal option for a refreshing drink at festive events. Blend brewed green tea with fresh juice, fruit chunks and a touch of rum for a thirst-quenching concoction that will tantalize the taste buds.

Arranged Rum :

Rum arrangé, a tradition in many cultures, can be enriched with green tea flavors. The herbaceous and slightly sweet notes of green tea blend harmoniously with the rum to create a surprising infusion.

With quality green tea, your cooking, your cocktails, your punches and even your rum will no longer know any limits. Experiment, innovate and unleash your creativity by incorporating this versatile ingredient into your culinary repertoire. Discover the art of mixing and matching flavors to create unforgettable dining experiences. Let yourself be inspired by green tea, a treasure of nature that has no equal to stimulate your culinary ideas.

Green tea from China Chun mee meets mint and blends of scented teas

Chunmee Green Tea, a jewel among Chinese teas, lends itself beautifully to fragrant encounters with fresh herbs and flavored tea blends. The combination of its slightly curved leaves and the freshness of mint or the subtle aromas of scented teas creates an exquisite symphony of taste that seduces tea lovers around the world. You will discover wilted and rolled tea leaves that will go well with the mint. For a fresh and magical scent. 

The Magic of Mint :

When Chunmee Green Tea meets mint, an explosion of flavors and freshness is produced. Mint delicately refreshes the herbaceous notes of Chunmee, creating perfect harmony. Moroccan mint tea is a well-known example of this delicious combination. The sweetness of Chunmee balances the power of mint, providing a balanced, soothing and refreshing drink.

The Art of Blending Perfumed Teas :

Flavored tea blends are a sensory adventure in themselves. Chunmee Green Tea, with its versatility and smooth flavor profile, is often chosen as the backdrop for these aromatic creations. Flower petals, citrus, spices and fruits blend harmoniously with Chunmee to create unique fragrant teas. A Chunmee delicately scented with rose, lavender or vanilla is a sensory experience that every tea lover should explore. We also like it with orange.

An Exceptional Tasting Experience :

When you taste Chunmee green tea combined with mint or a flavored blend, you take a taste journey where each sip reveals new dimensions of flavor. The floral, herbaceous and fresh notes of Chunmee intertwine with the added fragrances, creating a symphony of tastes that awakens the senses.

Whether you're brewing a revitalizing mint tea or delving into a world of fragrant tea blends, Chunmee Green Tea provides an exquisite base for aromatic creations. Let your palate explore this delicious encounter between Chunmee, mint and fragrant aromas for an incomparable tasting experience. A cup of this fusion will be a true celebration of flavors and aromas.

Buy chun mee green tea by the kilo

Discover the incomparable authenticity and flavor of Chun Mee green tea, a tasting experience that transports you to the heart of centuries-old tea traditions. At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are proud to offer you this wonderful variety of loose green tea, directly from our most prestigious sources. A unique Chinese green tea compared to other teas.

Chun Mee tea is renowned for its subtly sweet flavor and delicate notes of fresh herbs.

For tea lovers, buying by the kilo is the best way to ensure you always have this precious beverage on hand. Our Chun Mee tea is carefully selected, meeting the highest quality standards, and now you can enjoy it in large quantities.

At Comptoir de Toamasina buy your chun mee green tea for 50 euros per kilo. The price per kilo of Chun Mee is 50 euros for 1kg packaging. 

Do not hesitate to discover on our blog, the superior quality of teas, Wuyuan and the province of Jiangxi.

Not only is Chun Mee green tea an exquisite beverage, but it is also known for its health benefits, thanks to its richness in antioxidants and polyphenols. At Comptoir de Toamasina, we offer you the opportunity to purchase this treasure in bulk by the kilo, for an unparalleled tea experience.

Enjoy every sip of this exceptional green tea, conveniently, thanks to our bulk selection by the kilo. Take advantage of the unrivaled quality of Comptoir de Toamasina and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Chun Mee tea. Order now and let yourself be carried away by this unique taste adventure.

Travel to the world of chun mee tea and around the world in Ranger Expedition

Chunmee Tea, this treasure of Chinese tea tradition, is much more than just a drink. It is an invitation to explore the world, through the flavors and aromas that tell the story of an ancient culture. Let yourself be guided through our videos on how to brew Chunmee tea and its distant origins.

A Journey through the Mountains of China

Chunmee Tea originates in the mountainous regions of China, where majestic landscapes and ancient traditions combine to create a unique experience. As you travel through these mountains, you will discover the tea plantations, where skillful pickers harvest the finest leaves to create this exceptional tea. Picturesque villages, ancient temples and tea artisans invite you to explore their world, learn more about the secrets of Chunmee production and taste authentic teas in an enchanting setting.

An Exploration of Flavors and Blends to make flavored teas at home :

Chunmee Tea is not limited to its Chinese origin. It is also an ideal companion for a taste journey around the world. By combining it with local flavors, exotic spices or refined aromas, Chunmee takes on a new dimension with each infusion. Embark on a culinary journey where each cup of Chunmee transports you to a different destination, whether with Mediterranean citrus, Indian spices or French flowers.

An Unforgettable Ranger Expedition :

The ranger expedition through Brazil is a sensory adventure that transcends geographic boundaries. 

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