Timur Berry Népal 500g
Timur Berry Népal 500g
Timur Berry Népal 500g
Timur Berry Népal 500g

Timur Berry Népal 500g

Timut pepper or Timur berry is a rare and extraordinary pepper. Timur Bay is surprising on the palate with notes of citrus and more specifically pink grapefruit. A culinary invitation to make fish and salad. 500g vacuum-packed sachet of Timut Nepal pepper.

  • Pepper power: 9/10
  • Main Notes: Citrus and pink grapefruit notes
  • Use: Salads, meats, fish, vegetables, fruity and chocolate desserts and Asian cuisine
  • Origin: Nepal - Himalayan foothills

Or buy timut pepper, the fake pepper from Nepal. Indeed the timut pepper is not part of the pipper nigrum so it is a false pepper that is also called timur berry. Buy timur berry at the best price per kilo.

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Timur Berry Népal

Timur berries - Timut pepper - Best Price per Kilo

timut pepper kilo price - Timut pepper wholesaler

It is here at Comptoir de Toamasina that you will buy Timur berries or Timut pepper at the best price per kilo. Discover its history, how to use it as a chef as well as recipes. Timut pepper is an extraordinary rare pepper with notes of pink grapefruit and citrus. It is ideal for creating creative cuisine.

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Our packaging has been perfectly studied for all mouth-watering trades to best meet their quality and price requirements.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, it's always the best quality, spices, top-of-the-range peppers at the best price.

For you gourmets, restaurateurs, Pastry chefs, we have selected and imported an exceptional pepper, a rare and refined pepper which will belong to the same family as Sichuan, it is the Timut pepper or Timur berry.

Timut pepper is a nice surprise with a natural taste of grapefruit and citrus. It is a pepper that will surprise you with its exceptional taste and flavors.

What is Timur Bay?

What is Timur Bay? It is simply a fake pepper that grows on a shrub. Indeed the fake peppers will grow either on a tree or on a shrub. It grows wild in the foothills of the Himalayas between 800 and 300 meters. It is in the Mahabharat region that you will meet and find the best timut peppers or timur berries.

It is part of the species of Zanthoxylum armatu, it is a corner pepper of the sichuan pepper which belongs to the species Zanthoxylum piperitum.

It is a spice that is widely used in Nepal and today among the great chefs. Quite simply because of its aromatic notes.

It is a berry that will sublimate your dishes with a naturally citrus note. But its flavor is very complex because we find a touch of pink grapefruit that will mix with citrus.

The Timut is a berry which can resemble Sichuan in its appearance, but beware the Sichuan is red in color while the Timut berry is smaller and brown in color.

The Taste and Flavor of Timut

On the nose, it will make you discover notes of citrus and pink grapefruit. It is from here that it comes under the nickname of grapefruit pepper. But then it will release notes of citrus and flowery lemon.

It offers a slight spicy and tangy side. But be careful not to put too much, because it can bring great bitterness to your creative cuisine such as Cubebe pepper.

Product Description


Product: Timut pepper or Timur bay Nepal

Packaging Vacuum bag: 500g

Characteristic: Citrus flavors and more specifically pink grapefruit. An invitation to cook fish, salads.

Origin: Nepal

Other packaging available: Timut pepper 30g bottle, Timut pepper 120g sachet

How to use and cook Timut pepper?

You will use Timut pepper from Nepal very easily to create creative cuisine. We use it in all recipes, from sweet to savory. It is used on infused, crushed, ground, crushed, grilled. We will generally add it at the end of cooking for savory dishes but at the beginning in sweet dishes. It is impossible to go wrong. Often it is used in a crushed manner.

It is a pepper with a very wide use, it goes everywhere from the cocktail to the drink passing by the starter, the desserts and the fruit salads.

In your creative savory cuisine you will love it in fish, seafood, lobster, lobster, scallops, Norway lobster, fillet of wolf.

We love it on duck, you can make a creative recipe for duck lacquered in Timut, it will sublimate your red meat but sparingly.

In the north of France and in Minas Gerais in Brazil, adore it in stews and marinades. In Italy it is added to the sauce.

In Winter it is in a good homemade soup that we will appreciate it to give a touch of exoticism.

But it goes wonderfully in a ratatouille, mash and vegetables.

For desserts nothing simpler, it goes everywhere, fruit salads through a mango to the pan. But it is certainly in chocolate that will go best.

Imagine a Chocolate ice cream with Timut pepper. (Discover our report on chocolate in Brazil).

don't forget the compotes. To tell you it goes well in all your pastries.

Do not hesitate to infuse it with your tea.

    Grossiste en poivre Timut - Achat de Poivre Timut au Kilo

    Acheter en ligne au meilleur prix la baie de timut

    Le Comptoir de Toamasina est le premier importateur et grossiste en épicerie fine à Lille de poivre timut. Venez acheter l’excellence au Comptoir de ToamasinaAcheter un grand poivre timut, pour une expérience gastronomique incroyable.

    Le meilleur Comptoir pour acheter le poivre timut du Népal c'est le Comptoir de Toamasina.

    Vous souhaitez par kilo ou une quantité supérieur à 10kg, contactez-nous

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