Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot)
Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot)
Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot)
Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot)
Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot)
Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot)

Black Tea of Calabria (Earl Gray - Bergamot)

Black tea from India flavored with calabria bergamot. Superior Earl Gray Black Tea with the finest quality of tea.

It will enchant tea lovers with this fine calabrian bergamot. 

  • Power of flavored black tea: 9/10
  • Main Notes: With the characteristic flavor of bergamot
  • To savor: In the morning and after the lunch

Discover our black tea with bergamot in a beautiful setting. At the opening you will discover a black tea delicately scented with bergamot. It is a hybrid fruit which is a cross between lime and bitter orange. It offers a magical and tasty taste.

In our Counter you will buy a wonderful Earl Gray black tea of very high quality and at the best price.

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Black Tea of Calabria  (Earl Gray - Bergamot) 

This is where you will buy Earl Gray black tea at the best price.

It is a delicious traditional Earl Gray black tea, a great English classic. It is a tea that will be timeless and above all unbeatable. It is the mixture of a delicious black tea with bergamot from Sicily or Calabria.

An ideal black tea for the morning. 

Flavored Black Tea with Bergamot

Black tea Earl Gray - black tea with calabria bergamot

Discover a tea with a unique flavor and excellence. Our black tea from Calabria is a blend of artisanal tea with a blend of black tea and the subtle bergamot from Calabria.

History of earl gray tea

It is one of the best known flavored teas in the world of tea lovers. Certainly the most sold these days. Today we are going to prepare it with all kinds of teas, from black tea to green tea, including Oolong and even Rooibos. Its traditional version is with an Assam or Indian tea.

It is a tea with a legend, because it has its own history.

Did you know: That this is a great classic of English teas, since Charles Gray, Earl of Falodom and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the British Kingdom, in the 19th century.

Even the Twinings tea house claims authorship of this creation.

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we prefer to offer you traditional Earl Gray tea.


Description of the Earl Gray mix

There is not much to say about the mixture, it is so simple. It is a traditional blend in all its splendor and tasty.

Product Description

Product: Earl Gray Black Tea, (Trade name: Calabria Black Tea)

Packaging: Bag or Box

Packaging: 80g - 500g or 100g

Characteristic: Calabrian Black Tea, Black Tea with the characteristic flavor of real Earl Gray black tea.

Ingredient: Black Tea from India, black tea from China with essential oil of Calabrian Bergamot

Earl Gray black tea for taste is simple to describe. It is the perfect harmony of black tea from India and China with the small citrus from Italy.

How to prepare black tea with bergamot?

To make a good infusion of Earl Gray Black Tea, we recommend a Water at 90 ° C and leave the tea infused for 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Quantity 12g of tea
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 to 3 minutes
  • 90 ° C

It is a tea that you can drink plain or see with sugar and if you want a dash of milk.

Spice and vanilla finder

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Click on youtube and come and discover our vanilla and spice route.

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