Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar
Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar

Box Discovery Spices and Vanilla Madagascar

Discover the Madagascar Spice Discovery Box with the emblematic spices of the Big Island with our box of Madagascar spices. This box is ideal for offering or being offered a unique taste experience.

In our box, you will find:

Our box is carefully selected to offer you a variety of high quality spices. 




Dear lovers of exotic and gourmet flavors, let me present to you our Discovery Box carefully created by Le Comptoir de Toamasina . I am Arnaud Sion, also known by the nickname Arnaud Vanille , and I am proud to invite you on a sensory journey to the heart of Madagascar.   

The Treasures of Our Box:

  1. Vanilla from Madagascar  : Vanilla from Comptoir de Toamasina is the passion and know-how in the search for precious pods. Cultivated in the island's lush plantations, it exudes captivating aromas of intense vanilla with a touch of cocoa. Each pod is a promise of sweetness and escape.

  2. Madagascar peppers  : Spicy with a citric touch, our Madagascar black pepper is incredible, it takes your taste buds on a journey and above all it is of great quality. Two peppers in the box, wild Madagascar pepper and classic black pepper. 

  3. Cinnamon  : Cinnamon, precious bark, warms our hearts and our taste buds. It goes perfectly with desserts, hot drinks and even savory dishes. A spice that awakens the senses and warms the soul.

  4. Vanilla Extract  : Concentrated aromas, our vanilla extract is a well-kept secret. A few drops are enough to enhance your culinary creations. Pastries, creams, ice creams… give free rein to your imagination.

Why Choose Our Box?

  • Perfect Gift Idea  : Give this box to your loved ones, your gourmet friends or to yourself. A gift that will take the senses on a journey and awaken curiosity.

Order now and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Madagascar! 


In our Madagascar Spices and Vanilla Box , an exclusive selection that invites the awakening of the senses and culinary excellence. Each spice is a celebration of the aromatic richness of Madagascar, offering a palette of flavors to enhance your gastronomic creations.

Madagascar was my first love and it was with this island that Comptoir de Toamasina imported its first bourbon vanilla pods and I was trained to buy the most beautiful vanilla pods.

Here are the treasures you will find in this box:

  • 10 vanilla pods from Madagascar  : A rich and deep aroma, with intense vanilla and gourmet notes, perfect for enriching your desserts and pastries.

  • 60g of liquid vanilla pod extract  : Concentrated and powerful, this extract is the secret ingredient for a touch of intense vanilla in all your recipes. The composition is water, sugar, vanilla and vanilla seeds only.

  • 5 Madagascar cinnamon sticks  : Softer and subtler than traditional cinnamon, it brings a delicate warmth to your sweet and savory dishes.

  • 50g of Wild Pepper from Madagascar  : With its fruity and spicy notes, this wild pepper is a taste revelation that will enhance your dishes with an exotic touch.

  • 60g of Madagascar Black Pepper  : Ideal for seasoning meats, fish and vegetables, this black pepper is an essential classic, offering a perfect balance between spice and aroma.

This box is not just a set of spices; it is an experience, an expertise, a promise of travel for your taste buds. With the Madagascar Spices Box , you are not just giving a gift, you are offering an unforgettable sensory journey. 

At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are proud to present this meticulously chosen collection for cooking enthusiasts and flavor explorers. Every year, we renew our selection to guarantee only the best spices. Dare the taste adventure, dare excellence, dare Toamasina for your online store.


Find out how to use the spices in our box. On our blog, you will be able to make the wonderful  vanilla syrup recipe , other recipes and much more.

1. Madagascar Vanilla

  • Use : Perfect for flavoring creams, ice creams, pastries and hot drinks.
  • Tip : Split the pod in two and scrape the seeds to incorporate them into your preparations.

2. Liquid Vanilla Extract

  • Use : Ideal for flavoring cakes, yogurts and sauces.
  • Tip : A few drops are enough to enrich your desserts with an intense vanilla flavor.

3. Cinnamon from Madagascar

  • Use : Excellent in compotes, apple pies and stews.
  • Tip : Use it as a stick to infuse or ground for even distribution.

4. Wild Pepper from Madagascar

  • Use : Perfect for spicing up your red meats, fish and marinades.
  • Tip : Crush the grains in a mortar to release all their flavor just before serving.

5. Madagascar Black Pepper

  • Use : A classic for seasoning all types of dishes, before or after cooking.
  • Tip : Grind the pepper at the last moment to preserve its powerful aroma.

These spices are not just condiments, but passports to a culinary journey to Madagascar.


I am Arnaud, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina, and I am delighted to present to you our Madagascar Spices Box . It's not just a simple purchase, it's the acquisition of a taste heritage, the start of an unprecedented culinary adventure. 

When you choose our box, you're not just selecting a set of spices; you opt for a unique sensory experience. Each spice has been carefully selected for its quality and aromatic power, guaranteeing that your online purchase of this box is more than a transaction, but an invitation to a taste journey.  

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to transform every meal into a work of culinary art. With our box, you hold the key to unlocking the secrets of Malagasy flavors and to elevate your cooking to a level of excellence.

Make your cuisine an epic tale, where each dish tells a story of distant lands and preserved traditions. Let yourself be tempted by purchasing this box and join us in this quest for taste excellence.

With all my passion and commitment to quality, Arnaud

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