White Pepper Kampot IGP - Grinder
White Pepper Kampot IGP - Grinder
White Pepper Kampot IGP - Grinder
White Pepper Kampot IGP - Grinder

White Pepper Kampot IGP - Grinder

Discover the Whole IGP White Kampot Pepper, a rare pepper because it lacks the animal odors characteristic of white peppers. Find a white pepper with fruity notes, undergrowth and fresh herbs. An explosion of flavors on the palate that will intermingle warmth, power, notes of ripe fruit and menthol.

  • Pepper Power: 8/10
  • Main notes: Ripe fruits, undergrowth and fresh herbs
  • Use: Ideal for all savory dishes and fruit salads
  • Origin: Cambodia

Buy Kampot white pepper at the best price per kilo at Comptoir de Toamasina. Find the white Kampot peppercorns in its pepper mill and our economical sachets.

5 2024
5/ 5



I want you to buy Kampot IGP white pepper in Moulin, so that you can savor the excellence with this pepper that I offer you with my family business Le Comptoir de Toamasina, your essential destination for spices for creative and unique recipes.

This pepper, harvested at the peak of its maturity in the fertile lands of Cambodia, is a gem of gastronomy, offering an unprecedented taste experience.

Why jewel? Because Kampot white pepper is the only white pepper in the world that does not have an animal note. Here you should know that if you don't like white pepper, you will love Kampot white pepper. Civet notes may not please everyone.

Why choose Kampot White Pepper from our store?  Quite simply because we guarantee you the best price for a spice of this magnitude.

Our elegant and practical refillable pepper mill allows you to grind this exceptional pepper just before using it, thus preserving all its freshness and subtle aromas.

Kampot White Pepper is distinguished by its delicate notes and refined flavor.

It does not present the characteristic animal notes of other white peppers, but rather an aromatic bouquet rich in floral nuances, with touches of citrus and fresh herbs. Its spicy heat, balanced by a slight sweetness, makes it an ideal companion for your finest dishes.

At Le Comptoir de Toamasina, we are proud to offer you this treasure from Kampot, harvested with respect for traditions and the environment. By purchasing our Kampot White Pepper, you not only contribute to the development of your cuisine, but also to support local communities who cultivate this spice with passion and dedication.

Don't wait any longer to transform your meals into works of culinary art .

Buy now and discover new creative cuisine.


Kampot White Pepper , renowned throughout the world, is a Cambodian spice of exceptional quality, representing a true gastronomic treasure.

Cultivated in the provinces of Kampot and Kep , this pepper has benefited from a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 2010, thus guaranteeing its superior quality and authenticity.

Harvested before its full maturity and stripped of its pericarp , this white pepper is distinguished by its incomparable sweetness compared to its black counterpart.

As you see, it is in the pericarp that you have the spiciness of the pepper.

It reveals floral aromas of fresh mint and eucalyptus , offering a rich and complex aromatic palette. These delicate nuances are enhanced by notes of citrus , undergrowth and fresh herbs , creating a refined and elegant taste experience.

On the palate, Kampot White Pepper is soft, revealing light fruity flavors with a subtle hint of licorice . Its versatility makes it the ideal accompaniment for a variety of dishes, from delicate fish to shellfish , shellfish , vegetables and even desserts .

In cooking, it is recommended to add Kampot White Pepper at the last moment in order to preserve its delicate aromas and subtle flavor. Its limited tolerance for prolonged cooking makes it a perfect addition to enhance dishes without overpowering them.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina invites you to explore this treasure of Cambodian gastronomy. Enrich your recipes with Kampot White Pepper and let yourself be captivated by its exquisite aromas and incomparable flavor. Visit our site to acquire this exceptional spice and give a new dimension to your culinary creations. 


How to use Kampot white pepper PGI? Discover here the best uses of white pepper to make incredible recipes that will take your taste buds on a journey. 

I suggest you discover Kampot White Pepper IGP: an exceptional spice to enhance your dishes:

  • Fish and Seafood : For a spicy and refined touch, sprinkle freshly ground Kampot white pepper over grilled fish, shellfish or crustaceans.

  • White Meats : Perfectly accompany your chicken, pork or veal dishes with this pepper, adding a fragrant subtlety to these tender meats.

  • Sauces and Creams : Skillfully integrate it into your white or cream sauces to accompany pasta, rice or steamed vegetables. It will add a spicy note to your dishes without altering the color of the sauce. 

  • Desserts : Dare to be original by adding this pepper to strawberries or in a fruit salad for a surprising and delicious contrast.

Discover my 8 favorite recipes with White Kampot pepper: 

  1. Grilled Salmon with Kampot White Pepper : Season salmon fillets with freshly ground white pepper before grilling for a burst of delicate, spicy flavors.

  2. Pan-Fried Chicken Breasts with Kampot White Pepper : Brown chicken breasts in a pan with a pinch of white pepper for a touch of subtle and refined flavor.

  3. Creamy Kampot White Pepper Sauce : Mix crème fraîche with white pepper to make a creamy sauce to serve with fresh pasta or steamed vegetables.

  4. Seafood Salad with Kampot White Pepper : Add a pinch of white pepper to a seafood salad to enhance their delicate flavors and give them a touch of elegance.

  5. Kampot White Pepper Rice Pilaf : Cook rice pilaf with chicken broth and a generous portion of white pepper for a fragrant and characterful side dish.

  6. Sautéed Shrimp with Kampot White Pepper : Sear shrimp in a pan with olive oil and white pepper for a light and flavorful starter.

  7. Chicken Salad with Fruit and Kampot White Pepper : Pair pieces of grilled chicken with fresh fruit and a white pepper vinaigrette for a fresh and fragrant salad.

  8. Strawberry Tart with Kampot White Pepper : Surprise your guests with a strawberry tart sprinkled with a touch of white pepper for an unexpected and delicious sweet-salty combination.


Tips for keeping Kampot White Pepper fresh

  • Store in our pepper bags, bottles and mills  : Protect your pepper by storing it in an airtight container. This avoids any exposure to air, thus preserving its aromatic power.

  • Away from Light : Opt for a dark place to store your pepper. Light can alter its subtle aromas, so a dark place is ideal to preserve its quality.

  • Far from Heat and Humidity : Choose a cool, dry place to store your pepper. Avoid heat sources such as ovens and hobs, as well as humidity, which could alter its flavor.

  • Grind at the Last Moment : For the best taste experience, grind your pepper just before using it. This allows its volatile aromas to be released at the most opportune moment, thus offering a more intense flavor.

Native country
Piper Nigrum
IGP White Kampot pepper
Preparation / Delivery
Preparation within 24h - Delivery within 48h00

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