Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)

Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)

The hibiscus flowerb is the "star" drink of West Africa. To prepare the bissap, we will infuse (in Africa, we infuse it one night preferably in cold water) the hibiscus flower, then we drink it in a fresh and very sweet infusion. 

The infusion of hibiscus flower (carcadé) is appreciated for its taste that is both tangy and fruity.

  • Power of herbal tea: 4/10
  • Main notes: Sweet and flowery sign of a large Hibiscus
  • Use: Savory, sweet and herbal tea
  • Origin: Africa

Comptoir de Toamsina invites you to discover the Hibiscus tea and buy and sell bissap. You will buy it at the best price and discover its virtues and advice on use.

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Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)

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It is here at Comptoir de Toamasina that you will buy the best Hibiscus, Bissap, Carcadé herbal tea online and at the best price per kilo.

We will tell you all about this herbal tea of its virtues which come from various works for its use in cooking and in herbal teas.

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Hibiscus flowers, bissap tea, carcadé

Did you know that there are more than 30,000 varieties of hibiscus. The hibiscus bears the scientific name of hibiscus sabdariffa and is a flower which comes from tropical regions.

Currently it is in Africa that we find the biggest producers and in particular black Africa.

Hibiscus also grows very well in France, but due to the lack of heat, it cannot be as beautiful as in Africa or even in Brazil.

Because in Brazil, it grows everywhere. Don't hesitate to discover our tonka bean from Amazonia - Brazil.

Buy and Sell Hibiscus Flowers Online

The hibiscus flower, bissap or carcadé, is the "star" drink of West Africa. To prepare the bissap, we will infuse (in Africa, we infuse it overnight preferably in cold water) the hibiscus flower, then we drink it in a fresh and very sweet decoction.

This hibiscus tea is also called coc’afrique, Agua de Jamaica in Mexico or simply Hibiscus in Brazil.


Product: Hibiscus Flower

Packaging: Sachet or Bottle

Origin: Burkina Faso

Description: Shrub up to 5 meters high and as wide in subtropical countries. The flower, fruit and leaves of some species are edible

Traditional Uses: Rich in vitamin C. Carcadet is a drink made from dried and then infused hibiscus flowers, very popular in Egypt. It is credited with diuretic and sedative properties

Infusion: one spoon of flowers per hot or cold drinking cup

Using Hibiscus, Preparing Hibiscus (Bissap)

The flowers of the hibiscus will be dried and once infused, you can use the juice of the infusion to flavor sauces and jams. They are 100% caffeine free.

The taste of Hibiscus flower, a tangy and fruity taste, reminding, the hibiscus flower can flavor your desserts such as crème brûlée or cakes.

The hibiscus flower is also delicious in the accompaniment of scallops.


The Hibiscus Flower is drunk hot or cold.

To make the bissap, we will infuse the hibiscus flower, then we drink the fresh and very sweet decoction. Count two or three beautiful tablespoons for 1l of water.

You will be able to infuse in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or let the flowers infuse in cold water overnight.

In Africa, we will flavor it with mint, orange blossom or ginger.

You can serve the hibiscus flower to flavor your teas and infusions.

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