Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)
Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)

Hibiscus Flowers (Carcadé)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of exceptional hibiscus at Comptoir de Toamasina. Explore an unforgettable sensory journey where exotic flavors meet and blossom. Let yourself be charmed by the richness and intensity of this unique taste experience.

Hibiscus flower, bissap or carcadé, is the "star" drink of West Africa. To prepare bissap, the hibiscus flower is infused (preferably overnight in cold water in Africa), then drunk as a fresh , very sweet decoction.

Hibiscus flower infusion (carcadé) is appreciated for its tangy, fruity taste.

  • Herbal tea strength: 8/10
  • Main notes: Sweet and flowery, the hallmark of a great Hibiscus.
  • Uses: Savory, sweet cooking and herbal tea
  • Origin: Africa

Comptoir de Toamsina invites you to discover Hibiscus herbal tea and tobuy and sell bissap. Buy it at the best price and discover its virtues and how to use it.

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Le Comptoir de Toamasina  is your reference when  purchasing hibiscus flowers  , also known as  carcadé  . We are a company specialized in  purchasing beautiful hibiscus flowers to take your taste buds on the go.

We carefully select   our  hibiscus  to offer you an  unparalleled flavor experience  .

Whether you are a lover of  teas  and  infusions, a  cooking enthusiast or simply looking for a refreshing drink  , our  hibiscus flowers will seduce you  with their  unique flavor and unique aromatic power  .

At  Comptoir de Toamasina  , we are  committed to providing the highest quality hibiscus flowers at the best price.

  • The price per kilo of quality dried hibiscus flowers is €28

You should  know that growing hibiscus is only possible in the tropics  . In Europe it is still possible to grow hibiscus, but it will not have the same yield as in the tropics. 

We have selected a  hibiscus importer  in France to offer you a  hibiscus with a red color  and  a spicy flavor  characteristic  of this flower  .

We love Comptoir de Toamasina hibiscus for its incredible color in infusions.

Hibiscus  is loved around the world for its spicy and fruity flavor  .

It has been used for centuries in the culinary traditions of different cultures.

In addition to its delicious infusion, hibiscus is widely used in the preparation of refreshing drinks, cocktails, jellies, desserts and many other culinary creations.

Buy our hibiscus flowers and  discover our range of flavors from around the world, including our  vanilla bean , the little princess that will make  chef Arnaud travel around the world. 

Whether you choose  whole flowers, petals or hibiscus powder  , you can be sure of having a hibiscus with unique aromatic power.

Trust our experience and let yourself be seduced by the multiple possibilities that hibiscus offers. 

From cocktails to desserts and infusions, you will discover unique recipes that you can make with this flower.

Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience exploring the exotic flavors of hibiscus with Le Comptoir de Toamasina.

Order  now and let us offer you hibiscus flowers of exceptional quality  , for incomparable moments of  tasting and pleasure.

Don't hesitate to discover our Rio silhouette  and Jardin d'Araxa herbal tea, ideal herbal teas for a change of scenery.  

Did you know that there are more than 30,000 varieties of hibiscus around the world?

Hibiscus, known scientifically as hibiscus sabdariffa, is a flower native to tropical regions, offering an incredible diversity of colors, shapes and flavors.

In Brazil, it is not uncommon to see them in cities and also on the roads and in the magnificent fields of the state of Espírito Santo. It is the largest producer of black pepper in Brazil. 

Currently, Africa is one of the main producers of hibiscus, especially Black Africa.

The favorable climatic conditions of these regions allow for an abundant and high-quality harvest.

African growers have developed exceptional expertise in growing and harvesting this multifaceted flower.

Although hibiscus can also be grown in France, climatic differences limit its flowering compared to tropical regions such as Africa and Brazil.

However, some passionate farmers have managed to produce magnificent hibiscus in France, using adapted techniques and taking advantage of the summer periods for their growth.

Whether grown in Africa, France or elsewhere, hibiscus is a flower appreciated for its stunning beauty and multiple uses.

In addition to being an ornamental plant, hibiscus is used to prepare refreshing drinks, herbal teas, jellies, syrups and even culinary dishes.

Its spicy and fruity flavor brings an exotic touch to many recipes.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina, specialist in spices and flavors from around the world, offers a careful selection of hibiscus. Whether you want to use it in your drinks, in your infusions or in your culinary creations, our range of hibiscus will meet your expectations in terms of freshness, flavor and creative cooking.

Discover the diversity of hibiscus now and let yourself be seduced by its taste wonders.


This selection of hibiscus flowers from Comptoir de Toamasina and chef Arnaud will allow you to use them from starter to dessert, including cocktails and infusions, a unique experience!

We are proud to offer you hibiscus flowers of exceptional quality, to buy hibiscus we want to offer you an herbal tea with an incredible red color and the hibiscus flowers must have a purple-red color.

Immerse yourself in a world of exotic flavors and add a vibrant touch to your recipes with our delicately aromatic hibiscus flowers.

Trust our expertise and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and freshness of our products.

Buy our hibiscus flowers now for a unique flavor experience and an explosion of colors in your kitchen!


Hibiscus is a plant belonging to the Malvaceae family  , and  did you know that there are more than 240 different varieties of hibiscus?

It is a  multifaceted herbaceous plant with many names, such as Guinea sorrel, bissap, roselle, Karak or Karakandji tea, Empire tea, Nubian tea, Ngai Ngai, Flor de Jamaica or Jamaica water, Red Dah, Karkade, Abyssinian rose tea, Foléré or even local gooseberry  .

There may be different spellings for the name "carcadet": karkadet, carcadet, carcadé.

Today,  this plant is cultivated all over the world  , and its success lies mainly in the  preparation of hibiscus tea  .

This herbal tea is appreciated for its exquisite flavors and intense red color.

Hibiscus is  a plant valued not only for its ornamental appearance  , but also for its edible fruits.

Furthermore, once dried, its flowers can be enjoyed in the form of herbal tea.

The  hibiscus flower, one of the most beautiful plants, is extremely widespread in Brazilian gardens  .

It has the particularity of growing in the hottest periods and is used as an ingredient in the preparation of infusions.

Despite the work required to cultivate it,  the results in terms of decoration are stunning  !

Let yourself be captivated by this universe and delve into the meaning of this flower, the essential care to take with it and discover inspiring photos.

Hibiscus flower meaning

The hibiscus flower belongs to the genus Hibiscus, which includes more than 200 species.

In Brazil, the most common species is  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis  , which can reach more than 2 meters in height.

Its beauty is not limited to a simple vase, as it can be used to create living hedges in gardens. This is where you will find it in France.

This flower enjoys worldwide popularity and each country gives it a specific meaning.  Originally from Asia, its name comes from Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility  .

Thus,  the hibiscus flower is associated with sexuality, love and maternal strength. Here's what it represents in different countries:

  • China:  prosperity
  • South Korea:  eternal life 
  • Japan:  sweetness
  • Malaysia:  strength (it is even a national symbol and adorns banknotes) 
  • Polynesia:  sacred plant 
  • Hawaii:  nobility and power (it is often offered as a sign of welcome to tourists).

Explore the fascinating world of hibiscus and be enchanted by its diversity, cultural significance and multiple uses. 


Are you curious about the flavor of hibiscus?  Let me enlighten you on this issue.  The hibiscus flower, known as bissap or carcadé, is the flagship drink of West Africa  . To prepare  the bissap, we infuse the hibiscus flower (preferably overnight) in cold water, then enjoy this delicious fresh and very sweet decoction.

This  hibiscus herbal tea is also called coc'Afrique, Água de Jamaica in Mexico or simply Hibiscus in Brazil  .

Offers a  fruity and spicy flavor  .

It's an  incredible marriage of flavors that awakens your taste buds  . The fruity notes are reminiscent of the delights of red fruits.

It's truly magical!

And  if you want to discover creative uses of hibiscus in cooking, chef Arnaud d'Apogée is here to guide you.

He will show you  how to integrate this fascinating flower  into culinary preparations,  thus enhancing your dishes with its unique flavors  .

Get ready for an extraordinary taste experience thanks to hibiscus, a flower with a thousand and one possibilities.


The   hibiscus flowers   will be dried and after   infusion   , the juice from the  infusion  can be used to flavor sauces and   jellies  . They are   100% caffeine free  .

Here you will discover the  7 reasons to buy hibiscus: 

  1. A versatile infusion:  Hibiscus infusion can be consumed at any time of the day, as it does not contain theine. It is suitable for all family members, from adults to children, and easily accompanies many dishes. Furthermore, it can be enjoyed hot or iced, making it an ideal drink for all seasons.
  2. A pleasure for the senses:  hibiscus-based infusions offer a pleasant  sensory experience. Its intense garnet color is a real treat for the eyes, while its spicy, floral, fruity, sweet and characteristic flavor on the palate delights the palate.
  3. Edible sabdariffa hibiscus:  Among the different varieties of hibiscus,  sabdariffa hibiscus is edible  . Although its name may vary depending on the country, such as Guinea sorrel or Jamaica flower in Mexico, it is the same plant. Originally from West Africa, this shrub from the Malvaceae family grows abundantly, especially in Senegal, where it is cultivated throughout the country and harvested by hand.
  4. Hibiscus Calyx Use:  Hibiscus sabdariffa blooms from May to October. After the petals fall, a bright red fruit called a calyx is found on the stem. This calyx is actually the part that protected the buds before they hatched. It is precisely this part of the plant that is harvested, dried and then used to prepare the hibiscus infusion.
  5. Preparation of the infusion:  To prepare hibiscus herbal tea, simply soak the dried calyces in hot water. Depending on individual preferences, you can add a cinnamon stick, a vanilla pod, mint leaves, ginger and/or a little sugar to customize the flavor. Simple and quick, your infusion is ready to be enjoyed! 
  6. Culinary variations:  In addition to being used for infusions, the Jamaica flower can also be used to flavor pastries or prepare pies. These delicious creations can be enjoyed during gourmet tea time accompanied by hibiscus herbal tea.
  7. Opt for prepared mixes:  Creating your own hibiscus mix can be complex, especially when you strive for perfection. Furthermore, it is rare to have a sabdariffa hibiscus in your garden in mainland France. In this case, it is recommended to opt for prepared mixtures, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors.  We offer recipes on our blog to make at home with chef Arnaud.

By following these tips, you will be able to fully enjoy hibiscus and discover all the richness of its aromas in an exquisite infusion.


Cocktails, mixed rums and hibiscus uses   are a perfect combination for  unique flavor creations. Join Chef Arnaud to discover the countless possibilities this exotic flower offers.

Here are Chef Arnaud's suggestions for using your flowering hibiscus: 

  • Hibiscus and Fresh Fruit Salad  : Combine rehydrated hibiscus calyxes with a selection of fresh fruits for a colorful and refreshing salad. Add a slightly sweet vinaigrette made with orange juice and honey to complete this explosion of flavors.
  • Hibiscus Spiced Chicken  Marinate chicken pieces in a sauce made with hibiscus, ginger, paprika and other spices. Grill or bake for juicy, aromatic meat
  • Hibiscus Ice Cream  Make homemade ice cream by infusing hibiscus in milk and adding sugar and cream. Savor this refreshing sweetness with delicately spicy nuances
  • Sparkling Hibiscus Infusion  : Turn your hibiscus infusion into a sparkling drink by adding sparkling water, lemon juice and a splash of sugar syrup. A festive, thirst-quenching drink for all occasions
  • Hibiscus Berry Smoothie  : Blend hibiscus cups with berries of your choice, yogurt and honey to create a vibrant and nutritious smoothie. Perfect for an energizing breakfast or healthy snack
  • Spicy hibiscus jam  : Mix hibiscus calyxes with sugar, cinnamon, cloves and a touch of pepper to prepare an original and spicy jam. To enjoy with fresh bread or as an accompaniment to cheese
  • Hibiscus Hot Chocolate  : Infuse the hibiscus in hot milk, then add the grated dark chocolate and a pinch of cinnamon. A comforting and fragrant hot chocolate that will delight lovers of bold flavors
  • Hibiscus Lime Granita  Infuse hibiscus with lime juice, sugar and water to make a refreshing granita. Perfect for cooling off on hot summer days
  • Hibiscus Cocktails  : Hibiscus brings a touch of elegance and vibrant flavors to cocktails.  Try our  Hibiscus Gin Sour cocktail
  • Hibiscus Blended Rum  Prepare your own blended rum by steeping cups of hibiscus in rum with fruits and spices of your choice. Hibiscus will add a subtle floral note to your drink
  • Hibiscus Syrups  Make homemade hibiscus syrup by boiling hibiscus calyxes with sugar and water. This aromatic syrup can be used to sweeten your cocktails, your non-alcoholic drinks or even your desserts.
  • Hibiscus coulis  On our blog, chef Arnaud offers hibiscus coulis, an infusion of hibiscus with agar agar to thicken and above all sugar for indulgence
  • Hibiscus Mocktails  Mocktails can also benefit from hibiscus. Combine hibiscus infusion with soda, fresh fruit juice and aromatic herbs to create festive, thirst-quenching drinks
  • Hibiscus marinades  Use hibiscus infusion as a base for marinating meat and fish. Its subtle flavor will enhance the ingredients and bring a touch of originality to your dishes. To discover our marinade recipes, you can access our blog. 

Chef Arnaud invites you to explore these different uses of hibiscus in cooking and drinks.  Unleash your creativity and discover the taste pleasures that this exotic flower can offer. 


How to use hibiscus in mixed rum. When I made my  hibiscus rum recipe  . I wanted to make you try a pink and red drink.

If you wish you can use hibiscus flowers from your garden, at the end of summer flowering with a little drying you will have a rustic drink after infusion.

Rum prepared with hibiscus flowers is a unique flavor experience, combining the sweet, floral flavors of agricultural rum with the delicate aroma of candied hibiscus flowers.

Once prepared according to a simple but carefully prepared recipe, it is ideal for brightening up your summer evenings or impressing your guests at festive get-togethers.

To prepare your own hibiscus rum, gather the following ingredients:

  • 1 liter of 40% agricultural rum
  • 250 grams of hibiscus rosa sinensis or other flowers
  • Cane sugar or honey
  • Optional spices: cinnamon, pepper, pepper, star anise, cloves, ginger
  • An additional vanilla pod (for maceration of at least 6 months)

Read our article  which is the best vanilla for arranged rum.

Start by adding the candied hibiscus flowers and spices of your choice to a bottle or jar containing the rum.

Make sure the ingredients are mixed well and let them marinate for at least a month at room temperature.

During this period, shake the container regularly to encourage the infusion of flavors.

After a month, you can remove the spices to prevent them from overpowering the subtle flavor of the hibiscus flowers. However, if you prefer more intense flavors, you can leave the ingredients to macerate for longer without any problems.

To adjust the sweetness of your cachaça, add liquid cane sugar, brown sugar or honey in small doses at the end of maceration, depending on your preference.

When the prepared rum is ready, enjoy it as an aperitif or digestif, sipping it slowly to fully appreciate its complex aromas and floral sweetness.

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