Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery
Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery
Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery
Poivre Sauvage de Madagascar Voatsiperifery 50g, qualité, pas chère , voatsiperifery, poivre, sauvage, Madagascar
Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery
Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery
Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery
Poivre Sauvage de Madagascar Voatsiperifery 50g, qualité, pas chère , voatsiperifery, poivre, sauvage, Madagascar

Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery

Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper from Madagascar in its traditional freshness packaging. Come buy and discover Voatsiperifery pepper, to the world with fresh and woody notes. An exceptional pepper that can be used anywhere in the kitchen from sweet to savory. We select the best producers who harvest the best peak pepper in Madagascar.

  • Pepper power: 10/10
  • Main notes: Intense vegetal notes and extreme freshness
  • Use: Savory and sweet cooking
  • Origin: Madagascar

Buy wild pepper from Madagascar (Voatsiperifery), discover its history, use in cooking and all at the best price per kilo. The pepper we call, tail pepper, crown pepper and Voatsiperifery.

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Wild Pepper Voatsiperifery

Purchase and Sale of wild pepper Voatsiperifery Madagascar

Purchase and Sale of wild pepper Voatsiperifery Madagascar

It is here at Comptoir de Toamasina, Comptoir des Saveurs de Madagascar, Peppers, Bourbon Vanilla that you will buy the best of wild Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar. You will discover the history of wild pepper, how to cook it to make a creative cooking recipe. We offer you the best rare pepper from Madagascar with an exceptional flavor and an intense fragrance.

Buy quality rare Madagascar pepper in bulk

For any purchase of cheap Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar at the best price per kilo, it's here.

You will discover a wild pepper, a rare pepper from Madagascar with a mild spiciness.

It is a pepper that offers a feeling of warmth and woody notes.

On the palate, you will discover fresh and slightly spicy notes.

Voatsiperifery Pepper is a rare pepper, which is very difficult to harvest and endangered.



Wild Madagascar pepper comes from the piper borbonense family, a distant relative of piper nigrum. The pepper that makes black pepper, white pepper, green pepper and red pepper.

Wild Madagascar pepper grows in southern Madagascar. Pepper lianas grow to the tops of tall trees in Madagascar. Some large trees can be up to 20 meters tall. The best wild voatsiperifery pepper grows in the treetops.

This is where our producers pick wild Madagascar pepper. They are going to load it at the top of the trees in order to harvest an exceptional pepper.

The appearance of wild voatsiperifery pepper is strangely similar to Cuban pepper. But its flavor is totally different. The wild Madagascar pepper of its name Voatsiperifery is a sweet pepper on the spicy level. But you will discover a pepper with intense heat.

It is a rich and intense pepper, with a very characteristic odor and taste, fresh and woody. Buy an exceptional, high quality pepper with regular grains and intense flavor.

Buy Voatsiperifery wild pepper with confidence.

The best wild pepper in the world available for you.

Harvest of wild Voatsiperifery pepper

The harvest of wild Voatsiperifery pepper is very meticulous. You should know that the tree grows only in the tropical forest.

The pickers must climb on the trees to recover the grains of wild pepper. But the grain of pepper, is not in the lower part of the tree but at its top.

The colors and flavor of Mada Wild Pepper

The colors and flavor of Mada Wild Pepper

It is a rare pepper which is rather spicy. It is more the feeling of warmth that you feel in your mouth than the spiciness. It is much less spicy than black pepper from Madagascar.

Discover a wild pepper with unique flavors that will give you an incredible olfactory and gustatory experience.

It is a wild voat pepper which is an incredible discovery and an incredible gastronomic and culinary journey.

On the nose, wild pepper is a real culinary discovery. It is a vegetable escape that will start with strong and tonic notes that will continue with fresh and sweet notes at the same time.

It is a pepper that does not sting but it offers a lot of finesse, it tickles your taste buds maliciously.

  • Black Madagascar wild pepper: it is the berry which has reached maturity or almost. It is the most powerful and the one we prefer. It has an intense flavor and aromatic palette. It is the real Voatsipérifery for pepper lovers. (We only market wild black pepper from Madagascar, the best)
  • Red Madagascar wild pepper: It is picked at full maturity so it has a beautiful red bark. It is much less powerful than black but its flavor is complex.
  • White Madagascar Wild Pepper: It will come close to wild black pepper but with a less pronounced spiciness. It is delicate on the palate and very fine with round notes.


Products: Voatsiperifery Wild Black Pepper from Madagascar whole grain

Quality: Extra

Characteristic: a fresh, sweet and very aromatic pepper on the palate.

Packaging: In bottle or sachet

For peppers with different flavors, we recommend our selection of peppers from around the world:

  • Madagascar Black Pepper
  • Muntok White Pepper
  • Ceylon Black Pepper
  • Timut pepper Nepal
  • Tellicherry Black Pepper
  • Brazilian Black Pepper

How to use Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper?

Creative cuisine with Malagasy wild pepper

Recipe with wild Madagascar pepper

The wild voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar is an exceptional pepper, like any large it is best to crush it in a pestle and use it at the last moment so that it releases its flavor.

Voat pepper is exceptional, it can be used in savory or sweet cooking.

This large Malagasy wild pepper will pleasantly flavor all of your dishes. Attention it is an irresistible pepper, buy the wild pepper and use it is to adopt it.

It is great for flavoring and spicing up meats, mainly red meats, carpaccios, white meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Voat pepper as the amateurs call it is also perfect for raising shellfish and seafood in general. You can grind it a little on all your fish, in all types of cooking.

Use it to flavor all kinds of vegetables, especially slightly bland veggies, in lentils or pan-fried mushrooms.

Voatsiperifery is an incredible pepper in foie gras

We recommend to use Voatsiperifery to give character to your sauces: let the seeds of the wild pepper infuse in the sauce, they will rehydrate taking a pinkish red color, the pepper will become more tender and when it will crack in your mouth, you will discover an explosion of flavors and aromas.

Wild Madagascar pepper will go very well in both savory and sweet dishes. Do not hesitate to marry the voatsiperifery in oriental dishes with honey.

It will do wonders in sweet cooking, especially in fruit and chocolate: fruit salads, pan-fried fruit, lychee, mango, rhubarb, strawberries, jams, syrups, pies, puddings, crumbles, creams, mousses, fondants, cakes , etc.

The Best Voatsiperifery Pepper Recipes

The Best Voatsiperifery Pepper Recipes

Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper Award

Buy the best Voatsiperifery wild pepper at the best price

Buy the best Voatsiperifery wild pepper at the best price

Le Comptoir de Toamasina, invites you to buy a high quality wild Mada pepper with an extraordinary flavor.

So come and buy the delicious Malagasy voatsiperifery wild pepper online at the best price.

Buy online the best wild pepper from Madagascar at the best price.

Online purchase and sale of wild rare Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar at the best price per kilo.

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