Saffron Threads Premium
Saffron Threads Premium

Saffron Threads Premium


The flavor of saffron is enveloping, slightly bitter with a perfume and a persistent, blood-red color. (color of a saffron Top of range). Vial of 1G

The  Safran is the king of the spices with the Queen vanilla, our saffron of Iran is of a  high quality.  


Saffron Threads Premium

Purchase of Saffron of Iran Online

Online sale of Saffron of Iran, a spice in gold with a unique taste, a sweet fragrance and powerful.

The history of the saffron

The Safran  is the pistil or the stigma of the Crocus sativus, C is the spice the expensive in the world, the spice that is worth more than the gold. The word saffron comes from Persian Za'faran which means "yellow".

 The oldest trace of the saffron in a book is in a bible, in the book Song of Songs 4-13 and they are going to boast about its perfume and its taste.

The first culture of the saffron is in Crete in month 2 000 years before our era.  

The saffron and Its flower is the symbol of purity for the Assyrians who will do the harvesting only by young virgin girls. It is then the Phoenicians who will commercialize the saffron in the world.  

Since all the time, the use of the saffron was varied:  perfume, cure, aromatic aromatic and dye.

In books of the Library of the UFMG in the Faculty of doctor, we have discovered that Hippocrates used saffron as a stimulant, digestive or antispasmodic.  

An Egyptian papyrus dating 1550 before JC, sets out the  properties of the saffron for health. Of the physicians such as Hippocrates, Homer, Virgil already knew about the virtues stimulating, digestive and antispasmodics of saffron.

Today the European Union develops the cultivation of saffron against poppy cultivation (for the opium), here is a policy of sustainable development.  

To conclude, it should pay attention on the island of the meeting, when you hear Safran, we spoke in made of turmeric.


The use saffron in the kitchen  


To use the saffron in the kitchen that is very simple, the technique of use of the Saffron: Heat a little water, approximately 10Cl and you will infuse 2 pistils by person at least 3h00 see a day for the purists.  

But you can also infuse your saffron in tajines, paella, la Bouillabaisse, the soups and vegetables.  

In particular, you can use the saffron in the fish as well as in the dessert. Iran is the main producer and exporter of saffron.  

There it is used in the kitchen salt. In Switzerland it is in the buns.  

But it is used mainly in the rice or to flavor the cheese in many countries.

 Buy of the Saffron online  

The saffron is a spice more expensive than gold. The saffron is the must of spices, the gold of your dishes. Buy the Saffron of the counter e Toamasina c is buy a saffron of very high quality at a fair price. We offer the best quality-price ratio of the market. The price of the Iranian Saffron is more expensive than gold due to its manufacturing methods ancestral and to its exceptional quality. Buy of the Saffron online in any security. The color of our saffron is red blood, it is the top of the range of the saffron.

Description of the product


Product: Saffron of Iran

Packaging in the vial: 1g

Feature: deep Notes, characteristic of the saffron

Provenance: Iran

Other conditioning available: 10g


Conservation of the saffron

To keep the saffron of Iran in pistil in the best conditions, the counter of Toamasina recommends that you store the spice to the shelter of the light and any impact of temperature.  

How well buy his saffron  

Recognize the true from the false saffron  


It should immediately abandon the Saffron powder. Because it is rarely pure and also the Saffron loses a lot of flavor and taste. It is necessary to know that certain seller little scrupulous put the paprika in the Saffron powder.  

Therefore always buy a Saffron in Pistil.  

To buy a good saffron, it is necessary to recognize the true, of the false pistil of saffron. The color of the true pistil is of blood red color and not whitish or yellow. The two are very bad taste.  

How to buy a good Saffron abroad  

In a first time, we are going to feel it. The saffron must possess the characteristic odour that is to say a taste slightly honeyed with a ferrous taste in second.

Then you look, you must have the pistils of blood red color. No branching yellowish or orange. The pistils of saffron must have an intense red.  

The saffron must be devoid of pollen, it must not have fog in the container, because it seems that the Safran is too wet and risk of mold.  


The revenues to the saffron  

Burned cream to the saffron and nuts of Saint Jacques

Buy our Saffron directly to Lille

The best saffron of Lille

Sale saffron

Saffron sale direct from the producer, sale of Saffron of quality, pure red and perfect. Taste the saffron of the counter of Toamasina, is to discover a saffron of high quality. 

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