Tahitian Vanilla Bean Kilo Extra Gourmet
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Kilo Extra Gourmet
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Kilo Extra Gourmet
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Kilo Extra Gourmet

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Kilo Extra Gourmet

Buy Tahitian vanilla by the kilo Extra Gourmet. Here, we offer vanilla beans from raiatea, tahaa or all the islands that produce Tahitian vanilla, depending on the batch, at the best value for money. The best raw Tahitian vanilla beans from 14cm to 20cm long. This extraordinary Tahitian vanilla is characterised by a very fat, oily vanilla pod with a beautiful wrinkled colour. The vanilla is very shiny and has an extraordinary fragrance.

  • Main notes: anise and prunes which gives way to a taste of floral vanilla
  • Aromatic: The star of pastry. A vanilla pod with an intense fragrance of gourmet vanilla, the most intense of vanilla
  • Quality: Gourmet - Extra
  • Category: Grand Cru

In our Vanilla Counter, you will buy the best vanilla pod at the best price per kilo of high quality.

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Discover the excellence of vanilla with my Tahitensis Vanilla Pods from Tahiti at the best price per kilo offered by Le Comptoir de Toamasina.  

My small family business specializing since 2010 in the purchase of vanilla from Madagascar .

My name is Arnaud Sion, affectionately nicknamed Arnaud Vanille, I would like to invite you on a unique sensory journey where quality meets excellence.

Vanilla Tahitensis from Tahiti will have an exceptional aroma. Notes of anise and prune which give way to notes of intense vanilla. In the USA its name is Tahiti Vanilla from its literal translation Tahiti Vanille which turns all heads with its aromatic power and its length in the mouth. 

I find that Tahitian vanilla is exceptional but not the best in the world. 

For me it's Bahian vanilla from Bahia in Brazil that you can discover on our store and also on my blog. 

The vanilla tahitensis variety is harvested in the lush lands of Tahiti, distinguished by its very large, large, plump pods. 

Why because this vanilla will not undergo scalding and will be dried on the vanilla plant for 50% of the time. 

I am proud to be able to sell it to you at the best price from sachet to bottle packaging. 

Each pod is a concentrate of fruity, floral and aniseed aromas, offering an aromatic palette that is expressed equally well in sweet and savory preparations.

Gourmet Quality, Unbeatable Price  At Comptoir de Toamasina, we are proud to offer you its princesses at the best price per kilo.

Our commitment to gourmet quality which is the best quality of vanilla in the ISO  NF 5565-1  standard and which can be found on the internet as grand cru vanilla, bourbon gold, blackpearl vanilla which are not recognized as classification.

Since 2010, I have been offering you the best  vanilla pods  from Papua New Guinea.  

Why Choose Our Vanilla?

  • Superior Quality:  Our pods are selected for their rich and intense aromatic profile. We buy pods larger than 14cm and always of gourmet quality
  • Advantageous Price:  Buy by the kilo and benefit from a preferential price without compromising on quality.
  • Recognized Expertise:  Arnaud Vanille travels the world to source the best vanillas, thus ensuring an exceptional selection.

If you continue reading you will discover a Universe of Recipes to Explore  Whether you are a starred chef or a pastry enthusiast, our Tahitensis vanilla pods from Tahiti will allow you to push the boundaries of creativity. They are perfect for flavoring a crème brûlée, enriching a panna cotta or giving a new dimension to your smoothies and yogurts.

Order Now and Join the Culinary Revolution Don't miss the opportunity to buy these exceptional vanilla beans. Visit Le Comptoir de Toamasina, choose quality, and let Arnaud Vanille guide you into a world where vanilla is not just a spice, but an invitation to a journey of the senses.


When I launched the concept of Tahitensis vanilla per kilo, my objective was to allow lovers of vanilla with floral notes and gastronomy professionals to quickly and easily purchase this vanilla, delivered within 48 hours.

Selling Tahitian vanilla is simple, but finding the best quality with a unique aromatic note is a big challenge. I must tell you that for the price of Tahitian vanilla, you want to have incomparable vanilla. And who better than me, the creator of Comptoir de Toamasina to offer you this best vanilla in the world for certain amateurs.

When you buy Tahitensis vanilla by the kilo, you are looking for pods rich in vanilla beans, supple, shiny and with a good level of vanillin. This is exactly what I suggest to you.

Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you an exceptional opportunity to acquire Vanilla Tahitensis from Papua by the kilo. This carefully selected gourmet quality vanilla is available in different quantities to meet all your culinary needs:

  • 250g for €250: Ideal for those who wish to discover the richness of this vanilla.
  • 500g for €460: A perfect quantity for amateur pastry chefs and small restaurants.
  • 1kg for €800: The economical choice for chefs and catering establishments.
  • 5kg for quote: The optimal bulk purchase for distributors and large companies.

I spent two months on a plantation in Brazil learning the art of breeding and growing Tahitensis vanilla, which differs greatly from planifolia vanilla.

Now, I invite you to discover Tahitian vanilla, as well as vanilla beans from around the world, their unique flavors and much more through unique recipes.


I will tell you about the origin of Tahitensis vanilla, you should know that Tahitensis vanilla , originally from French Polynesia, is a botanical variety distinct from Bourbon vanilla, which comes from vanilla planifolia, this vanilla is famous for its notes anise and its floral notes very different from Madagascar bourbon vanilla and its chocolate notes.  

This vanilla is the result of a cross between Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla odorata, a rare wild species found in the forests of Belize, Brazil and Guatemala. On our blog, we have written articles about the 40 varieties of vanilla in the world in everything you need to know about vanilla . 

Tahitensis vanilla is particularly appreciated by great chefs for its unique aromatic profile and its ability to enrich recipes with an exceptional depth of taste.

Unlike other varieties, the Tahitensis variety is indehiscent, meaning its pods do not open when ripe, thus remaining fleshy and allowing growers to harvest them at their aromatic peak. 

You should know that it is during the last two weeks that the vanilla plant will give the aromatic power of vanilla, it is vanillin. Today Brazil is working to combine this variety with Bahian for a rare vanilla which would have a vanillin level of more than 6% and which will not split, therefore an improvement for the profitability of the plantation unlike the vanilla pod. from Madagascar which has a vanillin level between 1.6 and 1.8 and that is very good.

The process of preparing this vanilla is an art in itself, involving several months of maturation and exposure to the sun to fully develop its scent.

For the tahitensis variety from Papua, the vanilla tahitensis plants will take 5 years to become adults and especially the vanilla will go through scalding.  

You see that it is here, at Comptoir de Toamasina, that you will buy the best vanillas, we have been the vanilla expert since 2010.

Did you know that there are more than 40 varieties of vanilla in Brazil. 


Tahitensis vanilla from Tahiti and Papua share the same botanical variety , but they have notable differences in flavor profile and preparation methods . The fame of Tahitian vanilla is based on its nuances of anise and prune , accompanied by a long trail of floral vanilla . Conversely, Tahitensis vanilla from Papua stands out for its musk notes, its wild subtleties and the delicacy of floral vanilla .

The preparation method also varies: in Tahiti, the vanilla is 50% dried on the vine before being harvested and dried in the traditional way, while in Papua, due to a lack of similar technology, producers treat the vanilla in a similar way. with Madagascar vanilla , by scalding it, which gives smaller pods.

Purchasing Tahitian vanilla has several advantages:

  1. Premium Quality: Tahitian vanilla is distinguished by its black and brown color, its flexibility and its excellent quality, single black or brown pods and good oil. This is due to its preparation 50% on the foot and 50% in the sun.

  2. Unique Aromatic Profile: It gives off an aniseed and delicate scent, very floral on the palate. It's incredible.

  3. High price for a unique pod and a unique flavor: This variety is very popular with chefs because it offers a unique taste. We like to use it in cold preparations. Its high price is due to the rarity of its production because there are few producers who will produce it, a vanilla that is dried on the vine and plants which are renewed more often than in Brazil on the plantations that I visited. 

But it is one of the vanillas with the most complex and unique aromatic power that you can find on the French market currently. 


Tahitensis vanilla ,  which is produced in  Tahiti , is distinguished by its unique aromas. Compared to planifolia vanilla (or bourbon vanilla), which is the most common vanilla bean variety on the market, tahitensis vanilla offers a different taste experience. Here's what makes this strain special:

  1. Unique Odor :

    • Tahitian vanilla is unlike any other variety. Its aroma, transmitted is first of all notes of anise, powerful and sweet at the same time.
    • Then you will have notes of intense and delicious floral vanilla. 
  2. Exquisite Flavor :

    • Unlike bourbon vanilla, tahitensis vanilla has an unrivaled profile.
    • Its aromatic components are reminiscent of stone fruits, edible flowers, fine caramel and star anise.
    • It is ideal for light pastries, custards, cold preparations and liqueurs.
  3. Ease of use :

    • Tahitensis vanilla is softer and more supple than other varieties.
    • It adds a unique and refined dimension to your dishes, desserts and drinks.

Personally I love using this vanilla especially in cocktails because for me it is the best vanilla for cocktails with its sweet and intoxicating notes. 


Tahitensis vanilla is a unique variety that enhances recipes with its floral vanilla aromas. Here are some tips for using it best in your preparations:


  • Creams and liquids: Split the pod in half and scrape out the seeds. Add them, along with the pod, to your cream or hot milk to infuse. Remove the pod before serving.

Pastry shop :

  • Cakes and cookies: Incorporate vanilla beans directly into your batters for a delicate, fragrant flavor.
  • Creams and ice creams: Use the grains to flavor your pastry creams, custards, or your ice cream preparations.

Savory Cuisine:

  • Sauces and marinades: Vanilla seeds can add an exotic touch to your sauces or marinades for meat and fish.

Conservation :

  • Vanilla sugar: Place the spent pod in a jar of sugar to create homemade vanilla sugar.

Drinks :

  • Cocktails and infusions: The grains or the whole pod can be used to flavor alcoholic drinks or infusions.

Tahitensis vanilla is particularly appreciated for its ability to bring a unique sensory dimension to your culinary creations, whether in a creamy crème brûlée, a refreshing sorbet or even a savory dish with an exotic touch. Its mild taste and floral and fruity aromas make it an ingredient of choice for chefs and gourmets.


Tahitensis vanilla, famous for its floral and musky nuances, inspires pastry chefs with its rich possibilities. Here are some ideas and tips for using it expertly:

  1. Tahitensis Vanilla Crème Brûlée: Infuse your cream with a split and scraped Tahitensis vanilla pod for a deep, exotic flavor. Once sprinkled with sugar and caramelized, it offers a perfect finish.

  2. Vanilla Panna Cotta: For a refined panna cotta, add Tahitensis vanilla beans to your preparation. Their delicate scent blends harmoniously with the sweetness of this classic Italian dessert.

  3. Vanilla Macarons: For macarons full of aromas, incorporate Tahitensis vanilla into your ganache. Its subtlety will enhance the flavor of your cockles.

Chef's Tip: To intensify the flavor of Tahitensis vanilla in your desserts, combine it with complementary ingredients such as chocolate or red fruits. It goes particularly well with raspberries, creating a harmonious contrast between their acidity and its natural sweetness.

Storage Tip: Once used, store your spent vanilla pods in a jar of sugar to create homemade vanilla sugar, ideal for enriching your pastries and hot drinks.

As you see, New Guinea vanilla is not just a simple vanilla pod, it still has a few years, no one wants to bet on it, but we are a direct competitor to Tahitian vanilla with its floral and floral notes. aniseed. 

In 2015, when I sold my first pods from Papua with Comptoir de Toamasina, the production of New Guinea vanilla is very confidential and many people told me no, this vanilla is average and today, I prove it every time. prospects who will buy a unique vanilla. Papua Tahitensis vanilla is for me the best vanilla you can buy in its gourmet quality from Papua New Guinea will make you experience unique emotions.


Here are eight recipes inspired by Tahitensis vanilla from Papua, which highlight its unique flavor:

1. Tahitensis Vanilla Crème Brûlée:  Split a vanilla pod and infuse it in cream. After adding sugar and egg yolks, bake and caramelize the top for a golden finish.

2. Homemade Vanilla Tahitensis Ice Cream:  Infuse a vanilla pod in milk, then add to a custard mixture.  Freeze for smooth ice cream without an ice cream maker. The recipe is available on our YouTube channel. 

3. Panna Cotta with Vanilla and Exotic Fruits:  Mix cream with vanilla beans and gelatin. Serve with an exotic fruit coulis for a tasty contrast.

4. White Chocolate and Tahitensis Vanilla Mousse:  Melt white chocolate, add the vanilla beans and incorporate into a creamy mousse. Refrigerate for an airy texture.

5. Apple and Vanilla Tahitensis Tart:  Prepare an apple compote with vanilla, spread on a shortcrust pastry and bake in the oven. Serve warm for a comforting dessert.

6. Vanilla Tahitensis Shortbread:  Incorporate vanilla beans into your shortbread dough.  Cut and bake to obtain crispy and fragrant biscuits.

7. Tropical Vanilla Tahitensis Smoothie:  Blend tropical fruits with yogurt and vanilla beans for a refreshing and nutritious smoothie.

8. Vanilla Tahitensis Marinade for White Meats:  Mix vanilla beans with herbs and lemon to marinate white meats before grilling.


Tahitian vanilla, often nicknamed "The Black Gold of the Pacific", is a variety highly prized by renowned chefs because of its intense fragrance and its rarity. Here is his fascinating story:

    • Origins: Tahitian vanilla belongs to the vast orchid family, bearing the scientific name Vanilla x Tahitensis. Its history goes back a long way: from the time of the Aztecs in Mexico, vanilla was recognized for its power to flavor cocoa. In 1841, a young slave from the island of Bourbon (today Réunion) named Edmond discovered the process of artificial fertilization of vanilla pods. Later, in 1848, Admiral F. Hamelin brought vanilla plants from the Philippines to Tahiti.
    • Particularities: What makes Tahitian vanilla unique is its incomparable scent, thanks to a remarkable feature: unlike other varieties, it does not split when it reaches full maturity, thus preserving all the richness of its aromas. Unlike other vanillas, it continues to grow on the vine until harvest.
    • Production: Over the decades, Tahitian vanilla production has seen a notable decline. If in 1949, Tahiti produced around 300 tonnes of vanilla, this production dropped to only 132 tonnes in 1967. Today, Tahitian vanilla remains a luxury product, representing barely 0.3% of world production.


Tahitian vanilla is a precious ingredient, and its conservation is essential to preserve its fantastic aromas. Here's how to store your vanilla pods in the best conditions:  

  1. Dry place  : Fresh vanilla pods should be stored dry to avoid the development of mold. Make sure they are not exposed to moisture.

  2. Away from light and heat  : Light and heat cause vanilla to dry out, resulting in a loss of flavors. Store your pods in a cupboard, away from windows and heat sources.

  3. Avoid air  : Air can also dry out vanilla. Do not place it too close to other odorous ingredients, as it may become contaminated.

  4. Choose the right container  :

    • Glass or metal jar  : Opt for an airtight glass or metal container. Avoid making it too large to limit exposure to air.
    • Waxed paper  : Wrap the pods in waxed paper to prevent contact with air.
  5. Ideal temperature  : Store vanilla between  15 and 20°C.

Native country
Vanilla Tahitensis
Tahitian Vanilla
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Preparation within 24 hours - Delivery within 48 hours

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