Tanzanian Black Pepper - Grinder
Tanzanian Black Pepper - Grinder
Tanzanian Black Pepper - Grinder
Tanzanian Black Pepper - Grinder

Tanzanian Black Pepper - Grinder

The black pepper from Tanzania in refillable pepper mill is a pepper with coarse grains with an incredible flavor and spiciness.

It offers a nice balance between citrus fruits, eucalyptus and the intense spiciness of a fiery pepper.

We will appreciate it in meats, white, vegetables and grilled meats.

  • Pepper power: 9,5/10
  • Scent: Citrus and intense pepper
  • Use: Red Meat, Vegetables and Grill

The Tanzanian pepper is very little known in France. Like Papuan vanilla. We invite you to discover our Tanzanian peppercorns, at the best quality ratio in its pepper mill.




Discover black pepper from Tanzania in our magnificent refillable pepper mill .

Tanzanian pepper is nicknamed Kilindi pepper . It is one of the rare black peppers that you can find cultivated in the Southern Hemisphere . 

If you want to discover it during a trip to Tanzania, we advise you to visit the Tanga region and more precisely Kilindi in the North-East of the Country . It is here, close to the border with Kenya, that you will discover beautiful pepper plantations. 

Each country has specific regions for growing pepper and Brazil, go to the South of Bahia or to the border of Minas and Espirito Santo to discover new pepper plantations. 

The Black Pepper Mill from Tanzania is a little nugget to discover a pepper with a fiery note. 

Did you know: That it is in the black pericarp of the pepper that it will have the most spiciness than in the white heart which has its aromas. 


Tanzanian black pepper has a flavor that is incomparable. You will travel to the world of peppers

It is a black pepper with a beautiful aromatic, woody and citrus palette. 

You will discover a pepper with notes of almonds, orange, eucalyptus and a little touch of civet. 

When you crush it, the heart of the pepper will release a slight animal note evocative of the civet animal note. 

We like to use black pepper from Tanzania in everyday cooking. 


Black pepper goes very easily with vegetables, white or red meats and fish . I always advise you to crush it before using it to preserve its spiciness. 

  • Did you know that it is from the pericarp, the wrinkled coat that you will have the spiciness of the pepper, that is to say the piperine. 

This pepper will offer you an incredible scent and will take your taste buds on a journey into the world of spices. 

Here are eight recipes to use your black pepper from Tanzania:

  1. Tuna carpaccio with black pepper from Tanzania : Arrange slices of fresh tuna on a plate. Before serving, crush the peppercorns or a few turns of the mill of your freshly ground black pepper from Tanzania. Its citrus notes and spiciness will take your taste buds on a journey.

  2. Sautéed Chicken with Tanzanian Black Pepper : Brown pieces of chicken in a pan with olive oil. Then add garlic, onions, peppers and a pinch of freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper. Simmer until the chicken is cooked and tender.

  3. Tomato salad with Tanzanian black pepper and fresh basil : Cut the tomatoes into slices and arrange them on a plate. Sprinkle with freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper and chopped fresh basil leaves. Drizzle lightly with extra virgin olive oil before serving.

  4. Grilled Salmon with Tanzanian Black Pepper and Honey : Season salmon fillets with salt, freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper and honey. Grill them on the barbecue or in the oven until they are cooked to your liking. With its citrus notes you will be able to do without lemon. 

  5. Pumpkin soup with black pepper from Tanzania : Brown pieces of pumpkin with onion and garlic in a casserole dish. Add vegetable stock and simmer until the pumpkin is tender. Season with freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper before serving. It's a very good pepper with tomato soup.

  6. Roasted Potatoes with Tanzanian Black Pepper and Rosemary : Cut potatoes into quarters and roast in the oven with olive oil, chopped fresh rosemary and freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper until until they are golden and crispy.

  7. Sautéed Shrimp with Tanzanian Black Pepper and Garlic : Saute peeled shrimp in a pan with olive oil and minced garlic. Season with freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper and serve with rice or sautéed vegetables. The pepper must be added at the end of cooking so as not to alter its flavor.

  8. Vanilla ice cream with Tanzanian black pepper and caramel sauce : Make a homemade vanilla ice cream base or use store-bought vanilla ice cream. Before serving, add a little whipped cream then sprinkle freshly ground Tanzanian black pepper over the ice cream and accompany it with a homemade caramel sauce. Here, you need to dose your pepper well so that it does not distort your recipe.

On my vanilla and spices blog and my channel, travel with me and discover my recipes and my adventures around the world.

Discover my life as an entrepreneur dad. 

Thank you in advance for your order. Arnaud, creator of Comptoir de Toamasina.


Le Comptoir de Toamasina offers you ground black peppers with flavors ranging from spicy to smoky, including citrus and undergrowth notes.

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Black Pepper from Tanzanie
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