Mild Curry
Mild Curry
Mild Curry
Mild Curry
Mild Curry
Mild Curry

Mild Curry

Sweet curry is a traditional and very harmonious blend of several spices, including turmeric, peppers, cinnamon .... Our soft curry with very fruity and velvety flavors that make it a classic in your kitchen. The mild curry is not spicy.

  • Association in cooking: Ideal for a creative everyday cooking, sprinkle in your meats and vegetables.
  • Packaging: 40g bottle - and 100g and 200g Doypack sachet - aroma preservation
  • Composition: turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, fenugreek, onion, black pepper, clovesnutmeg

A tasty curry powder for creative everyday recipes. An invitation to travel and cook from India and the West Indies. A colorful curry rich in flavor.

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Mild Curry

This is where you will discover and buy the best authentic sweet curry online. On this page you will find recipes, the history of curry and the best tips for using online.

Arnaud, the creator of the Comptoir is looking for the best spices and flavors in the world.

Achat et Vente de Curry Doux - Doux et fruité

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Le Comptoir de Toamasina as a spice hunter, offers you daily creative cuisine with our flavors from around the world. We suggest using a blend if you are new to cooking or preparing curry dishes.

What is curry?

Mild curry is a generic term used in oriental culture for the designation of spice preparations used to flavor your dishes. It is native to Southeast Asia, Thai and countries bordering the Indian Ocean. It is a mixture that is in powder form. Its composition may be soft or strong, but still very fragrant.

It was the Portuguese who discovered the curry first, the mixture of spices, then during the colonization of India by the British, they imported the curry to Europe.

A good Indian cook must know how to master the art of curry which is strong (Madras) or soft.

In India the word curry means sauce. In reference to his cooking technique which consists in simmering it. It goes well with water, coconut milk or fresh cream. Our sweet curry is the perfect spice for chicken preparations.

Did you know that the term massala see masala will mean mixture of spices in the Tamil language.

Product Description

Product: Mild curry

Packaging: 40g - 100g -200g

Feature: Soft and very fragrant curry

Ingredient: turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, fenugreek, onion, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg

Comment bien utiliser et cuisiner avec du curry doux

How to use and cook well with mild curry

It is certainly one of the preferred spice mixes. At Comptoir de Toamasina, we suggest you use curry in all of your dishes.

It goes wonderfully with your dishes, stews, soups, sauces and salads. But like to use it in mayonnaises and in chicken to make the famous chicken curry.

Did you know that it is superb in a quiche and pie as well as in syrups and cocktails.

A curry fruit salad is magic.

Curry is a universal spice for creative cuisine.

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The different varieties of curry in the world

There are as many curries as there are countries in the world, and there are as many curries as people on earth.

We tell you a little more about the curry and the compositions of the most famous curries in the world:

  • Sweet curry: It is the traditional Indian spice blend, it does not contain chili. Its main ingredient is turmeric.
  • Curry Madras: This is one of the most powerful curries. A mixture of spices with chili.
  • Sri Lanka curry powder: It is a curry which is not known, it is mainly based on turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and fenugreek
  • Curry from Indonesia: In Indonesia the fish is king then it is a curry which will marry with the fish, we find chili, salt, celery, cumin
  • Tandoori: It's the spice that Mauritians love. It is a mixture of spices that you must discover by clicking on buy tandoori
  • Garam Masala: it's an Indian curry found in Reunion. It is very appreciated by the local population. Did you know that in Reunion there is a strong Indian community just like in Mauritius.

The history of curry

The history of curry merges with the discovery of spices by men. But it is not India, a land of spices that we find the first traces of curry.

There they call it the Masala which means mixture.

We find traces written on the curry around the 5th century BC.

But it is above all offerings for the gods.

It is the Portuguese who will bring back the first curries, but the English will democratize it in Europe. With the import of sauce called Kari and a dish made from the spice blend.

The Karis you find with fish, meat and even vegetables.

Today each region, each country has its curry.

The curry tree

We forgot to tell you about the curry tree, you find in India, the caloupilé which is a plant of the rutaceae family and which is used to prepare curry in Kerala. We find this tree essential in tropical forests.

It is a tree that is 5 meters high.

The leaves of the caloupilé are fine and dark green.

In India, we like to put the fresh curry leaves in a casserole dish in order to obtain a curry powder.

curry in the kitchen a great love story

In our spice counter, you will buy the best curry powder. Curry is a very well-known spice blend because it is easy to use.

Ideal for dishes based on rice, vegetables and with chicken.

It is certainly the curry chicken which is the easiest dish to make.

Today, we love making samossas with curry, it's easy and quick to make.

You can make them with beef or chicken. It will be enough to fry the chicken breasts with oil then add shallots, coriander and curry and the trick is toy. Garnish your samoussa with your stuffing.

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